Back to School – THE MOVIE

No, it’s not the Deftones homevideo. This is a movie with the same title as the Deftones song “Back to School”. Here’s a description of that movie:

“A self-made millionaire decides to join his only son who is having difficulty in fitting in at school as a freshman in college. This impulse gesture sets him on a path to much laughter, a little romance, a lesson in things that money can’t buy and unanimous acclaim as the most popular man on campus.”

Starring: Rodney Dangerfield, Keith Gordon, Burt Young, Ned Beatty, Robert Downey, Sally Kellerman
Director: Alan Metter
Label Name: MGM Home Entertainment
Released Date: 03/28/2000

Here’s a pic of “Back to School” DVD

thanks to: CARLOS ANAYA

Around the Fur cover

I talked with Chino and Stef (last February) about the girl on the “Around the Fur” cover. First I asked Chino about her. He told me that I had to talk with Stef cause that was a friend of him. So I talked with Stef and he told me that the girl on the cover of ATF was a friend called Lisa. She used to work as a freelance model. Some thought that this girl was Celeste (Chino’s wife) but it’s not. You can check some pics of Celeste |hereand |here|. I’ve also noticed some weird things on the ATF cover… if you look closer to Lisa’s right hand you’ll see that she has two rings. To me those rings always seemed like a face (rings= eyes, middle finger=nose). ATF was a album in which Chino talked a lot about alcohol. “I drink too much” So the glass in the cover (near Lisa’s right hand) might mean that.

Stef’s Pics

On Ebay there was an auction for a Deftones pick, the description is pretty funny, obviously this person doesn’t listen to much Deftones, the description went like this: 

“This Deftones guitar pick is a cool find. The guitar player has violently scratched both sides of his picks, to go with his satanic mind frame. This pick is black and has a “$” on one side in white, and a circle with a satanic star in it on the other. These picks are thrown into the audience, they are pretty hard to catch in the mosh pit. They do not sell these to the public, the only way to get one of these is to go to the show. Highest bidder to include $1.00 for s/h. Be sure to check out our other items for sale on ebay!”

(thanks to Dan D)

You can check Stef’s pics |here–> Thanks to Gonzalo Cancino

Mad Stef

At the Zetafest 2000 show at the Bicentennial Park in Miami, FL (July 23rd 2000) something really weird happened with Stephen Carpenter. During the whole show this man was pissed off with the crowd or something. While they were playing “Bored” he was really mad and he threw 2 guitars against the other side of the stage. Some songs after they played “Root” the crowd started to mosh so hard and stupidly, then Steph stopped playing and said “we just told you motherfuckers to be careful and you assholes keep fucking around you’re gonna get hurt, and if I could I would come down and kick your ass motherfuckers” and he just walked away threw the mic to the floor and threw again one of his guitars which they look so clean and cool…

Another point of view on this: I was at the show and the whole time (not just during the Deftones) the guys were taking it kinda rough with the girls, pushing them around and groping them while crowdsurfing and no one was doing anything.  So the band was mainly pissed about that and they stopped the show several times which I guess created a trend because all the bands after that stopped playing whenever they saw someone getting hurt.  Unfortunately for me, I got kicked in the face and broke my nose right before the Deftones came on, kinda ironic huh?   Liz H.

This show was taped and it is one of my Deftones bootlegs, so I watch it and I’ve never seen Stef, so furious like in this concert.


One week after I post this, my friend Matt asked Chi about this incident…

Matt: Is this true?! What made Steph get so angry? Did you guys cut your set short because of it? Did you guys feel the same way as Steph? I was just wondering this because I’ve never heard of any of you guys being so angry at a concert. I’m sure he had a good reason to be pissed anyway…
Chi Cheng: hello matt – good question. i think he was pissed at all the mindless agression in the crowd. were really not into anyone getting hurt. personally, i thought it was funny how mad he was, but seems like a good enough reason. thanx-chi

Before Chi

Before Chi Cheng filled the bass shoes in the band, there was another bass player. The Deftones’ first bass player was in fact a guy named Dominic Garcia (Dom). Dominic was Abe’s schoolmate and was invited to jam with the band. But Abe was constantly moving from band to band, so  Dominic moved to drums and bassist Chi joined the band. But Dominic was only a few weeks the Deftones’ drummer cause he left the band earlier and Abe definitely took that place.

“Dominic E. Garcia

One of Ebo Okokan’s newest sensations, Sacramento-bred Dominic Garcia has been making noise with his hands as long as he can remember. He started officially playing “drums” at age 7, which he taught himself to play listening to classic Latin Rock and R & B. Dominic began dancing in his teens, break dancing and competing on the streets under the rubric of “KidCraze.” Dominic has experimented with a wide range of musical instruments including E-Flat Alto Horn, Trumpet, and Saxophone. He picked up guitar and bass, moving into the rock scene in 1988, performing most notably with the Deftones, and Phallusy. Dominic began his study of Latin percussion, (congas, timbales, and bongos) in 1995 and has just recently started studying Afro-Cuban rhythms, dance, and song with Harold and Beatriz Muñiz. Over the years Dominic has performed with numerous bands, including Les Moncada y su Orchestra, Salsa Monumental, Up from the Roots, Urban Fiya, and Rick Martin. And along with Ebo, he is currently performing with the West Coast Rhythm Section. In addition to performance, Dominic is studying musical theory, composition, and arrangement, and is in the process of forming a Sacto-based Charanga band.”

much thanks to: Tania Silva

Napster Rant MP3 Secrets

In the White Pony enhanced CD right after you hit exit, (Macromedia’s log) you hear Chino’s son saying something like “take this” and if you listen to the Napster rant, you can see that this exit sound was taken off the Napster Rant. (mp3 runtime= 44″). (props to Abby Diaz)

Possibly the Linus from Like Linus… a real person the Deftones know…. on the Napster Rant they put up before WP came out they’re jokin around saying “buy WP, why are u stealing music…blah blah blah” so then (I guess Abe) starts jammin on the drums and the whole mp3 sounds like they’re recording this funny shit at a party (chino, Abe and Frank are there for sure) so anyway after they start jabbering abe starts drummin and stops and Chino starts calling “LINUS! LINUS!” no one answers so chino gets on the mic and says “linus come here” and u hear some dude sayin “what’s up mother fuckers..” and Chino says “get on the bass and give me a c sharp” (Much Thanks to Matt)


In 1999 there was a movie made called “The White Pony”. It was about a leprechaun that helps a girl befriend a magical pony. It stared Olivier Gruner who played the uncle. At the end the white pony goes into a light and turns into a women and leaves. It was a very touching children’s movie. (props to Michael Young)


I got more secrets for the enhanced White Pony CD:

– Clicking the 3 in Worldwide gives you the Abe ballooning animation.
– In the credits page (exit) if you click on these names: Mike Donk, Darren  Eggleston and Fred Croshal, you’ll have some exclusive pics
LIKE THESE: 01 | 02

Some are rumored to be true but didn’t work with me:

– If you use the cheat Easter egg on the edge walls something strange will happen to your pony.
– Watching Abe’s indulge screen too long gives you a wicked shot.

In the lung section all the lyrics that have “fuck” in them have it scratched out and in change at then end instead of saying “give you the gun, blow me away” it says “give you everything, blew me away” which was probably the original lyric – Thanks to Jessyca.

So if you find more secrets let me know — thanks!


Any time the color white is used, immediately there’s a belief it’s a cocaine reference. Is that the case here?

Chino: “In a way. There’s a lot of different references for White Pony. One of them is a cocaine reference and there’s a lot of stuff…have you ever heard stuff like in dream books that if you dream about a white pony then you’re having a sexual dream? There’s a lot stuff that kinda  goes around it. And there’s an old song [that goes] “ride the white horse.” That’s obviously a  drug reference song. I just kinda dug it. ” (thanks to Matt)


I got this one from the last Much Music Show with the Deftones (November,  2000). The chick who was interviewing them asked something to Chi about the reason why he studied feminism back in college and he answered:

Chi: “I took everything that I was interested in college rather than following a format, so I was there for maybe 3 or 4 years.”

…Stef whispered “So he can hang with the chicks”.

(thanks to Travis for sending me that show)