Other Songs Secrets

. If you turn up the volume very high at the part where Chino quietly sings ‘as long as we sleep right now’..after he sings that line twice, and right before it goes to chorus you can hear Chino mumble a little bit, saying what sounds ‘good night..’ and then the chorus starts.. It sounds like he says ‘good night’ after the last ‘as long as we sleep right now’.. — Thanks to eric.e (def_linus) —

. Crenshaw was actually an out-take of the song Be Quiet and Drive. When they recorded it, Abe wanted to test out different sounds, and so he set up his drumset out on a balcony on the second floor. They liked the new sound, and kept it. It became Crenshaw, or on the Back to School EP (Japanese Version), it was called I’ll Throw Rocks at You – Chi Cheng. (Thanks to Ryan Flach)

. The Deftones were once asked to have Crenshaw put on a soundtrack, but they refused, mainly because the movie was Bride of Chucky. (Thanks to Ryan Flach)

. When Abe and Steph were on Rockline (16/07/01) one of the questions was what is the meaning behind the title “Crenshaw”…. Abe said first it was called “Crenshaw’s Punch” as we all know, but how it came to be was that long ago when they were just starting out… they were crusing down Crenshaw Blvd. in LA and stopped off at a crappy Liquor store and bought some cheap wine and named it Crenshaw’s Punch…. “punch” as in fruit punch… basically they named the wine, but it stuck as a song title… (thanks to Matt)
The Chauffeur
Hear this song very carefully, because when it reaches the 50-54 seconds you’ll hear Abe hitting “accidentally”, I suppose, his drumsticks… (props to Carlos)
Sometimes when Deftones perform “Teething” live, Chino starts rapping during the middle with “Life’s a bitch and then ya die that’s why we get high cuz you never know when you’re gonna go.” That’s actually from a song called “Life’s A Bitch” by NY rapper Nas. It comes from Nas’ 1994 album called “Illmatic” and it’s track 3. (props to Mita T.)
It’s not a secret anymore that Chino Moreno laid down guest vocals on Sevendust’s song “Bender”, from their album “Home”. But the weird thing in all this is that the liner notes to the album credits the vocals of “Bender” not to Chino Moreno but to someone mysteriously named “Pony 1”. But Chino came after saying that it was an miscommunication error, because he truly wanted to use a pseudonym on “Home” credits, but it wasn’t “Pony 1”. What he chose to go with was “Pony Wong” because his middle name is Wong, but unfortunately that miscommunication led to “Wong” becoming “1.”
Please Let Me Get What I Want
Did you know that “Please Let Me…” was about to be on the Deftones first record “Adrenaline”?
Well that’s true…

Chino: “When we did our first record, we tried to record a version of “Please Let Me Get What I Want”. So we started to record it, and when we were about to finish it, Terry Date said: “Do you know something?? Lets stop right now…If you wanna do this song, I’ll stop right here. I don’t want that, and I wont put my name on the record!” – I was like perplexed. Then Terry said: “The Smiths are too mellow for this.”. So we taped that song by our selves.”