Adrenaline (Song Secrets)

. Here are some cool hints about how “Bored” was recorded:

Terry Date (Adrenaline producer): The bass was recorded live. We used a Shure SM57 right in front of the cabinet and put a DI on it – like most people do. I don’t get too fancy with microphones, I more try to build a character sound from the instrument. We used floor monitors for everyone except Abe. We started with the bass in between the guitar and drums. Chino’s voice has a lot of character, and he is able to change it. A lot of it has to do with the way he cups the mike. He uses his hand over the mike in different positions to get different sounds. I got him to use the mike as an instrument. I always do vocals on an SM58, which is a calculated decision since most of the bands I work with have careers that are 90 percent live work with ’58’s. Chino destroyed that microphone during recording – threw it around, spit in it. We used that same mike for the whole track and I gave it to him afterwards. I compressed the vocal really hard so that when he is singing, the voice sounds louder and the background noise disappears. These guys are incredibly focused on what they are doing and they love what they are doing, so it was really fun.

. It’s evident that Stef uses to different color guitars in the video. First he uses a goldish color ESP, and towards the end he uses a black ESP w/a sticker that says “PERVERT”. (thanks to David)

. During the last two chorus if you listen closely you can hear Chi singing in the background. Listen between 3′:14″ – 3″:17″ to hear an example. (thanks Rich Trujillo)

. These are Stef’s words: “We wrote ‘Bored’ in half an hour – it came out of nowhere!”

. After ‘Adrenaline’ came out in 1995, Chino commented the recording of ‘Bored’. This is what he said:
“Sometimes I’d be in the studio and get frustrated. I think it was on “Bored,” that part where it comes in with ‘GET BORED.’ That part, I could not do. I couldn’t come in at the right time. I was just so out of it. I was trying to fix that pat because it just didn’t sound right. I was trippin’ and just about crying. I was like, ‘I cant’ do this Terry, I can’t do it!’ He was like, “It’s cool, you can do it. If you want, go home and chill and we’ll do it tomorrow.” He didn’t let me get too frustrated after that. I wanted to quit a couple of times, just because I was so frickin’… nervous. I felt like I was failing sometimes.”

. If you didn’t know you’ll know now that Chino Moreno is a huge fan of ‘Star Wars’. On the “Bored” video at the beginning it shows a shot of Chino standing in his house. Above him is a picture or something of “C3PO” (a character in Star Wars). I also watched an interview with Chino and he was showing the Deftones truck, and then when he and the interviewer reached his bed, Chino showed him his lunchbox…and know what, that lunchbox theme was based on the ‘Star Wars’ movie. (thanks to Robin Perkins)
Minus Blindfold
. At the 2:55 mark you hear little screams in the background saying something like “fuck”over and over till 3:15. (thanks to

. In the song Minus Blindfold on the “Adrenaline” album, Chino sings the word “fifty-five” as the cd player counter hits the 00.55 (fifty-five) second duration point. (thanks to
. There’s live versions of Nosebleed on both the Deftones live tracks CD from Holland, as well as the Back to School mini-album. The strange part is that it’s the same recording of Nosebleed, even though on the live CD it says that the track was recorded on October 13th, 1997 at the The Max in Amsterdam, and on the mini-album, it says that the track was recorded live in Chicago, November 8, 2000. It’s surely the same recording. Here’s a few examples: At the beginning of the song on each CD Chino says, “Get the fuck up!”. Also, 59 seconds into the song, instead of saying “I don’t need this shit, ’till you cover me”, Chino replaces the “’till you cover me” with “anymore”. At 2 minutes at 37 seconds, after the “I will come, and I will come” part, Steph plays the first note of his guitar riff sharp. There are many more little details that are exactly the same on both of the recordings, like when Chino stretches his verses out, or misses or adds a word or phrase here and there. It’s just interesting that the same recording would be dated differently on the two CD’s. (thanks to Bryce)

. Around 1:52 into the song in the background you can hear this weird sound like a moaning but you have to listen really close. You can hear it better around 2:03 through 2:37. You can relate this moaning to the one on Soulfly’s “Pain”… (thanks to Erica)
One Weak
. On the song “One Weak” at the very end of the song (last second) after all the guitars fade out, there is a cow mooing… well that’s what it sounds like but actually its just Stef’s guitar… (thanks to Ryan)

. This one is for “DefRookies”. In “One Weak” at about 2:22, you hear Chino saying “fuck it” really softly in the background. 95% of you already know this but I heard it once on a friends stereo and that part was like a huge silence and we couldn’t hear a fly. And I said to him, man he should say “fuck it” right now. So if you never heard this, you better buy another stereo. (thanks to Dj Snickers)
. In and around 4:20 if you listen really close you can hear Chino say “A part of me gets sick”. It’s easier to check this when you hear it louder. (thanks to
Did you knew that the first 10 seconds of ‘Root’ are completely null? If you turn off your left speaker, you’ll see that these first 10 seconds have been recorded on mono, and during this time you can’t hear nothing coming out of your right speaker, but on the 10th second (when Abe starts the drums) it all comes to stereo again. Just try to turn off the exact speaker to see this, and you’ll see that ‘Root’ only starts when the drums starts too.
. If you watch the 7 Words video, at around :25 you’ll see Chino walking through a doorway, and if you pause at the right moment, you will see the backside picture of the Adrenaline album, without inverted colors. thanks:

. Sometimes when the Deftones play “7 words”, instead of playing the song’s recorded breakdown, they busted into a cover of Weezer’s “Say it Aint So.” For all of you that don’t know (I’m sure most of you do) chino is a HUGE Weezer fan, and once jokingly said that he would leave the deftones if Rrivers asked him. (thanks to: Jamie Nickerson)

. Chino stated to the MTV latino that the place where they shot “7words” video – Cattle Club – was burned sometime ago, and his biggest wish was to make a concert there to help the owner of that place.. (thanks to Mauricio Ahumada)

. At the end of the 7 words demo you can hear other song, it’s from a Mexican singer called Vicente Fernandez and the song name is “caminos de michoacan” the genre is known in Mexico as ranchero (kinda mariachi). (thanks to Daniel)

. On the song “7 Words”, Chino built a cave out of Styrofoam around the mic while they were tracking the chorus while his screaming SUCK! Making it as distorted as he could without using actual effects, also making it hard to decipher what Chino is really saying. (thanks to Rikky)

. Here’s the truth about “7 Words”:
Chino: “I wrote it back when I was 16 years old. It’s probably one of the angriest songs I’ve ever written. It was about being oppressed by people around me, the authorities, I felt like the whole world was against me. It was like I was lashing out at those people.”

. This isn’t a secret at all, it’s more like a conclusion that I have right now, after listening lots of bootlegs. The truth is that almost every time the Deftones play “7Words” live, Chino say “…that’s been stomped away from every FUCKIN’ dream…”. Also when they are playing this song live Chino usually says after the second chorus “Speak fast you don’t know me…” followed by “Shut up you don’t know me” but obviously the regular recorded version he says “Shut up you don’t know me ” twice. (thanks to George)
You can check that if you have Deftones’ bootlegs or when you have the opportunity to see them live.

. You probably just saw somewhere in this website that Chino invited Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit to trade lines with him during the Ermal Festival in Portugal (23/08/00). They were like this:
Chino: You speak fast you don’t know me!
Fred: Speak fast you don’t fuckin’ know me either!
Chino: Shut the fuck up cuz you don’t know me!
Fred: And shut the fuck up cuz you don’t know me!
Chino: And squeal like a pig when you…

. That ‘Suck!’ on ‘7Words’ was meant to be ‘Fuck’ first. Chino used to sang ‘Fuck’ on the beginning and he did that on the record too, but they fixed that to ‘Suck’. He also confirmed me that he used to sang ‘Fuck’ sometimes in live performances.
Have you ever received a phone call (mobile) while you were listen to music, near to a speaker? For example in the car?
If yes, you sure know that it makes a weird sound…some kind of a sound interference or something. That’s just what happens on “Birthmark” (Adrenaline’s track no.8). It starts after Chino says “In spite I will lie…” and before he starts screaming “In spite I’ll still lie!”.
It’s between 3:10 and 3:20 in “Birthmark’s” running time. Every time I listen to it seems like my mobile phone is ringing…

Note: That sound is actually produced by gently rubbing the flat part of your pick on the upper 3 or 4 strings in a fast circular motion. Start at the pickups and slowly move down the strings towards the nut – this causes the pitch of the “interference” sound to drop, and also leads naturally into the next chord in the song. Depending on your pickup buzz and level of distortion, you might have to lightly mute the strings with your left hand around the 3rd or 4th fret as you do the circular pick scrape. (thanks to Andrea)
Engine #9
. Engine Number Nine’s title may have been taken from a Black Sheep song called “The Choice is Yours”. Halfway trought the song one of the rappers says “engine engine number nine on the New York transit line/ if my train goes off the track/ pick it up, pick it up, pick it up…”. Chino sang this verse a couple of times as an intro of E#9, with Stephen playing “Fist” on the background. (thanks to: Ralph)

. Sometimes, when they play this song live, Chino in the end goes like “1,2,3..”, and then they play “Wicked” chorus. (“Wicked” is a Korn’s/Chino’s song).
-Also thanks to Victor_-_ESP-FreaK.
. On “Fireal” right before Stef’s first riff (during the strange scratching) (runtime= 0′ 13”) you can hear Chino breathing in. I can listen this extremely well with my car stereo. At home I must have it really loud to listen that breathing.

. During my interview with Chino I guess I was really bad when I asked him ‘Who was that maddog you were so curbed to know’ and he just told me ‘Oh it was this girl from a long time ago…I don’t wanna talk about it’. So there you go the ‘maddog’ is a girl.