Deftones Talk About Halloween Costumes & Side Projects

In this exclusive video, Chino Moreno and Sergio Vega share their wildest costumes from Halloween’s past. Moreno recalls his fifth grade stint as Boy George—which, by the way, won him a top spot in his family’s costume contest—and Vega dishes on the year he went out as a pregnant woman. In another interview with Rock […]

“Kerrang! – November 2006 // Chino Interviewed

‘I’ve spent Two Years doing Speed’  ”Hey Man, You don’t mind if i do this while we talk do you?”  Chino Moreno nods to a small heap of weed on the hotel room table in front of him. Deftones and drugs are, of course, no strangers. Their breakthrough ‘White Pony’ album, released in 2000, was named after […]

“Drowned in Sound ” – October 2006 // Stef Interviewed

Stephen Carpenter seems relaxed. The Deftones guitarist slouches in his chair, backstage at London’s Electric Ballroom venue; behind him a table is covered in fruit and snacks, while in his hands he rolls a joint, almost certainly not his first of the day. He’ll smoke it throughout our time together. Carpenter’s laugh is intoxicating, his politeness a grand […]

” Close-Up” – October 2006 // Chino Interviewed

Close-Up : Why did you first opt to work with producer Bob Ezrin ? Chino : “Well, we didn’t have a producer for a while. We were in Malibu writing songs. We rented this house and all lived there. It was in the summer time and right on the beach. We’d wake up and start writing […]

” MTV ” – October 2006 // Chino Interviewed

It took more than three years, a handful of different studio locales and a couple of producers to bring the Deftones’ fifth studio offering to life. And for the band and its fans, Halloween couldn’t come soon enough. On that day, the Sacramento, California, rockers’ Saturday Night Wrist lands in record shops — and the […]

“Buzznet” – October 2006 // Abe and Frank Interviewed

“Vol 10” – August 2006 // Chi and Stef Interviewed