Chino Moreno

Name: Camillo ‘Chino’ Wong Moreno (vocals ang guitar) Birth date: June, 20 1973 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: single Educational Skills: High School (McClatchy High School / Fruitridge Elementary School) Previous Day Job: Tower records shipping department Favorite Bands: Depeche Mode, Faith No More, Duran Duran, The Cure, Bad Brains, Weezer Family: Wife: Risa Moreno […]

Abe Cunningham

Name: Abraham ‘Abe’ Cunningham (drums) Birth date: July, 27 1973 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: Married Educational Skills: High School & Junior College Previous Day Job: Taqueria Family: Wife: Annalynn Seal Children: Sidney & Daniel Cunningham (2003) Cousins: Jackie, Jesse Likes to listen to: Elvis Costello and Willie Nelson Abe Cunningham, on the drums. Tuned and […]

Stef Carpenter

Name: Stephen ‘Stef’ Carpenter (guitar) Birth date: August, 3 1970 Born: Los Angeles, CA Marital Status: Single Educational Skills: Junior High Diploma Previous Day Job: Sacramento fast-food restaurants Family: Mother: Maria Sister: Marci Stef Carpenter, is Deftones guitarist. One of the best in the world. With this guy we can only receive a big dose of […]

Frank Delgado

Name: Frank Delgado (turntables) Birth date: November, 29 1970 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: Married Educational Skills: High School Family: Wife: Stacy Delgado Mother: Florence Father: Frank Sr. Children: Frank will be a father soon… Brothers: Chris, Robert and Robbie ‘Bobby’ Nero Biggest Musical Influence: The Deftones – “I learn a lot from their tastes and […]

Sergio Vega (Bass)

Name: José Sergio Vega Cuamea (bass) Birth date: September, 12 1969 Born: Bronx, New York City Marital Status: — Educational Skills: —- Previous Day Job: In 1988 he became the bass player for a New York hardcore band Collapse which released a demo and contributed a track on the 1988 New Breed cassette compilation released […]

Chi Cheng (R.I.P.)

Name: Chi Ling Dai Cheng (bass) Birth date: July, 15 1970 – April, 13 2013 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: Re-Married Educational Skills: College English Major Previous Day Job: Flower shop Family: Wife: Colleen ex-Wife: Adrienne Cheng Children: Gabriel Kahlil (Sep 1998) Mother: Julie Brother: Ming Cheng Chi Cheng , the eternal member/bassist/soul of the band. […]