Chi Cheng (R.I.P.)

Name: Chi Ling Dai Cheng (bass)
Birth date: July, 15 1970 – April, 13 2013
Born: Sacramento, CA
Marital Status: Re-Married
Educational Skills: College English Major
Previous Day Job: Flower shop

  • Wife: Colleen
  • ex-Wife: Adrienne Cheng
  • Children: Gabriel Kahlil (Sep 1998)
  • Mother: Julie
  • Brother: Ming Cheng

Chi Cheng , the eternal member/bassist/soul of the band. Chi was one of the greatest on his art. Groovy when he wanted to, melodic when Chino needed the most…
One of his favorite hobbies were reading that’s why he was called the intellectual/philosopher of the group. Chi was a Zen Buddhist.
Chi liked reggae, jazz, old blues and is also a metal man, Iron Maiden is his favorite band. It was an Iron Maiden record that he first ever bought, it was an Iron Maiden gig that he first saw. He considered Steve Harris, Iron Maiden’s bassist, is biggest influence on his career.
As a Deftones member he described it like a “fairy tale” because he never dreamed that those kids that just liked to have a jam once in a while, could reach fame has they reach.
Chi released on July, 2000 his debut solo album. It’s called “The Bamboo Parachute” (BUY HERE) and it’s a collection of 25 riveting and eclectic poems… “It is pretty wacky stuff. I’ll read something to my wife, and she’ll look at me and say, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about” (chi)
If Chi was invited to tour with someone, he would chose Bob Marley, and a woman to date maybe Laureen Hill from the Fuggees.

Chi’s favorite albums were: ‘Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come’ – ” In my humble opinion, the greatest reaggae album of all time”
‘Thelonious Monk – Straight No Chaser’ – “I’m not sure anyone pushed the envelope – musically, mentally or spiritually – with as much class and inviduality as Monk. On of the heaviest albums ever written.”

Chi was most influenced by: ‘Charles Bukowski’ – “He’s about the beauty of being honest and raw. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s real. We should get a dose of reality occasionally – It’s part of the whole.”

Chi died in April, 13 2013 at the age of 42. Cheng had been involved in a car accident in 2008, which left him in a coma for some time. Although he eventually began showing signs of improvement, he was never able to make a full recovery.