Stef Carpenter

Name: Stephen ‘Stef’ Carpenter (guitar)
Birth date: August, 3 1970
Born: Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Single
Educational Skills: Junior High Diploma
Previous Day Job: Sacramento fast-food restaurants

  • Mother: Maria
  • Sister: Marci

Stef Carpenter, is Deftones guitarist. One of the best in the world. With this guy we can only receive a big dose of professionalism and sobriety. With and along Chino’s voice, Stef gives such a spirit to the band…rhythm, on songs with such power as “7words” or psychoses riffs that takes on everyone to the other side like on “Fist”. Riff after riff, string after string…oh God! Thanks Stef for what you have given to us! The first song he strummed guitar to was “Round And Around” by RATT.
He listens to rap, for the most part. But outside of rap, he loves the heaviest music that could be made–his two favorite heavy bands are Meshuggah and Fear Factory.
Mettalica, Slayer, Antrax, Faith no More are some of his metal influences but bands like Depeche Mode or Duran Duran were huge models for his career. His first record was one from the greats Black Sabbath and the first live performance he assisted was Corrosion of Conformity.
Stef has a side project called Kush, featuring Christian and Raymond from Fear Factory and B Real from Cypress Hill.
Touring with the Beatles on their trippy phase was a dream if he was asked for a band to tour with. “Touring” with a woman?…maybe Naomi Campbell…
Stef’s favorite albums are: ‘Meshugga – Chaosphere’ – “The most brutal record i’ve heard, from second one to second last. It left me wondering where the hell i’d been the whole time.”
‘Depeche Mode – Ultra’ – “They’ve settled into their groove. Every song makes you go, “Damn.” It drop you to your knees.”
‘Faith No More -The Real Thing’ – “It opened my mind to the blending of atmospheres. It was always heavy, but it had a dynamic. You never knew what was coming next.”
‘Van Halen – Fair Warning’ – “Riff heaven from beginning to end. I just hear testosterone, an attitude of confidence.”