Around the Fur cover

I talked with Chino and Stef (last February) about the girl on the “Around the Fur” cover. First I asked Chino about her. He told me that I had to talk with Stef cause that was a friend of him. So I talked with Stef and he told me that the girl on the cover of ATF was a friend called Lisa. She used to work as a freelance model. Some thought that this girl was Celeste (Chino’s wife) but it’s not. You can check some pics of Celeste |hereand |here|. I’ve also noticed some weird things on the ATF cover… if you look closer to Lisa’s right hand you’ll see that she has two rings. To me those rings always seemed like a face (rings= eyes, middle finger=nose). ATF was a album in which Chino talked a lot about alcohol. “I drink too much” So the glass in the cover (near Lisa’s right hand) might mean that.