I Want Milk

I woke up cant wait to eat Got my cereal boy was I beat Opened up my fridge and to my dismay There was no more milk my mother will pay I want some milk! My coffee grows cold! I want some milk! I should’ve been told! I wish I had some God damn milk! […]


Unknown man Speaks to the world Sucking your trust A trap in every word War for territory!!! War for territory!!!

In the Garage (Weezer Cover)

I’ve got the Dungeon Master’s Guide I’ve got a 12-sided die I’ve got Kitty Pride and Night crawler too Waiting there for me Yes I do, I do I’ve got my favorite rock group Kiss I’ve got Ace Frehley I’ve got Peter Criss Waiting there for me Yes I do, I do In the garage […]

Crenshaw’s Punch

The bye byes, die I swear to god It’ll be done right! Oh, God (3x) You come and cry! I don’t really care nowhere I wish I’d be nice to you Well its time to fight I meant it all… Hide your own way God…. I will find you… Your own way… Go… You come […]

Keep On Loving You (REO Speedwagon Cover)

You should’ve seen by the look in my eyes, baby There was something missing You should’ve known by the tone of my voice, maybe But you didn’t listen You played dead But you never bled Instead you lay still in the grass All coiled up and hissing And though I know all about those men […]

Roots (Root Demo)

He knows all this time Yeah keeps them worrying Till the diest of the time begins No one begins ahead No one to get tired My soul repays He caught him dead – because He doesn’t seem to know where he’s tired And some days I’m not all, it’s It’s so shallow Pushing fast ahead […]

Holiday (Weezer Cover)

Let’s go away for a while You and I to a strange and distant land Where do we speak no word of truth But we don’t understand anyway Holiday Far away to stay On a Holiday Far away Let’s go today in a heartbeat! Don’t bother to pack your bags, or your map We won’t […]