9. Headless

I think it’s obvious we are a mess, we cut against the grain It’s contagious how we live If you’re curious of the valiance I can show you, wait ‘Cause I forget all of this is obvious We’re entirely insane, they claim They wanna climb into our brain waves I know you’re wondering how the […]

8. Radiant city

There’s something inside this Confusion we face We marvel in silence As time ticks away Where’s the ledge? I can’t touch it But I feel it’s so close Where’s the ledge? I can’t touch it But I feel it’s close No one alive has taken me here Nothing I’ve tried will replace your trick If […]

7. This link is dead

Thanks You want action? Yeah, I’m aware which form you think I should try That shit means nothing You see I’m done Right now I think it’s time that you know Pay attention Watch me close As I decide which fucking way I move I’m filled up with true hatred No, that don’t work You […]

6. Pompeji

Deep in the bottomless depths of the ocean Empty bodies we sink Open your eyes You smile and release me We slip down beneath and… Jesus Christ, you watch us fail We raise our glasses and drink in hell Locked in the core of the tower, I’m patient In no hurry to leave Life has […]

5. The Spell of Mathematics

I drink the poison right from your hands A sacred vow, it engulfs me We slip and we slide and in time we create a feeling of warmth inside of you Holy and strict, six times a day we will exchange our violent wings But the beauty is when you touch me I believe your […]

4. Errorr

Tell me something… Have we escaped Are we just lost? The mirrors taunting Us against the walls We are running Across the grid Chasing honey And closing in… We’re bound together The neon tape I taste in your mouth We hang upside down We are gliding Above the planes Dripping honey That prances through our […]

3. Urantia

I slipped into the cloak you left I fiddle around in the ashtray to find your cigarette pinkish/red I light it and take a drag I swear I’m losing it With all these erased recordings, I’m rearranging parts We should accept we’ll probably remain this way to the end In steps Underneath your sheets I […]