2. Ceremony

How can’t you see This is the end? Let’s face the truth It’s obvious A different morning The same charade Tell me… what’s left? It’s an illusion Is it all an illusion? Prep the surface Bound my limbs Place a chair beneath the rail On the outside, just skin and bones Show me… what’s left? […]

1. Genesis

Not Official I reject Both sides of what I’ve been told I see right through, now I watch how wild it gets I finally achieved Balance, balance, balance… Approaching a delayed Rebirth, rebirth, rebirth… I’m positive There’s no sense of what I’ve been told Yeah, here I go Oh, I watch how wild it gets […]

10. Ohms

Not official ———————- We’re surrounded By debris of the past And it’s too late To cause a change in the tides So we slip into Our hopeless sea of regret As I stare Through The haunted maze in your eyes Right through, Where I’ll remain for all time And time won’t change this This promise […]

11. Rubicon

You cannot face the crowd all by yourself – embrace the power we have Raise your eyes slowly Place your faith into me Your body, it aches to be draped in our delight slowly Take me in Face the lights Free yourself and writhe in them Sound asleep, hunting Wide awake, moaning This body aches […]

10. Phantom Bride

Inside of this hole you create You hide from yourself You separate every belief that is true And you spent your life Attached to this poison You don’t feel anything out of the rain And it’s true that You spend your life Trapped in this void Where you will stay always Can’t rid of this […]

9. Gore

Deep in this dream we are locked in I’ve pulled you in Now our bodies are wet There is blood on the beaches I brought you into this don’t deny yourself Smile, now you’re all set Surprise, you’re now one of the gang Take what you want to take Surprise. you’re now running the game […]

8. (L)MIRL

I don’t miss you I do not care where you are now You’re a ghost to me Left with my taste in your mouth Taken away somewhere new I’m used to it This body is here but I’m gone When I re-awake, I’ll re-awake in the waves In a new realm Catch this dream on […]