7. Xenon

You’re floating out astray This cold and lifeless body At this moment what you taste Is the key of your evolving We’re the lions at the gates We’re the diamond in your brain The desire in your veins For the violence’ And the writers of your fate Keep riding on this wave The desire sweeps […]

6. Pittura Infamante

I kneel at the altar Carve your name And hail to the gods I’ve climbed your trees and I peeled your fruit When I tasted your kiss How amazing that you were sent Like you were molded out of thin air And I don’t want you to disappear But I want you to carry us […]

5. Hearts / Wires

Nothing can save me now Is what I believe The slit in the sky when you left Is all I see Nothing to sing about I’ve bared all my leaves No vision or dreams about you Came true for me Cut through This razor wire And dine on your heart Mine ’til the end Stuck […]

4. Geometric Headdress

Hey princess, lay back in your chair Show us your geometry, see if I stare Pink cigarette, white see-through dress And a black-gold veil Ornate headdress, my temptress Wield your staff and your grail Vows, secrets, wake me when It’s my turn to walk through Caught deep in your every curve Primed and ready for […]

3. Doomed User

There went your time. Say goodbye now leave here My fuse has expired fucking die just leave here Powerless stuck in your web of shit Open your eyes you only play yourself Whoever’s watching I hope they catch the drift Collect your crown you’re now the queen of filth There went your life go and […]

2. Acid Hologram

In the haze of your light we bathe and wane You’ve surrounded our hearts again You smother me in shapes in a secret praxis You’ve showed me your charms and revealed your name Blow the clouds from your mouth again And smother me in shapes you’ll reveal your secret side Your light will fade and […]

1. Prayers / Triangles

There’s a new strange Godless demon awake, inside me There’s a force divine Terrorizing the angels I keep While we dream Prayers! (Prayers!) Lay on the line (Lay on the line) You will never be free You will never be free (Free, free, free) I’m a true slave To the fire and the air around […]