“Las Vegas Review Journal” – August 11, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

Deftones earn praise with latest record album By Doug Elfman August 11, 2000 *** www.deftonesworld.com *** The Deftones did a crazy thing. Just when rap-metal took over contemporary rock, the Deftones tacked left and put out an intricate, melodic album full of punk, grunge and Goth rock. The Deftones are being rewarded with banner reviews […]

“Alternative Press” – August, 2000 // Deftones Interviewed

AP (Alternative Press) – 145 – AUGUST 2000 * www.deftonesworld.com * “KNIFE FIGHTS. ABDUCTIONS. BREAKDOWNS.” These are just a few of the dark theme and incidents that shaped and delayed the Deftones anticipated new album, White Pony. Aidin Vaziri pries open this gift horse’s mouth and takes a good look down its throught. DEFTONES Ride […]

“Rock Sound” – August, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

  ©ROCKSOUND (08/2000) Interview: Rosanna Slater <————————> With the new album “White Pony” riding high, rocksound joins Deftones frontman Chino Moreno to excavate the Intricacies of his mindset. DO YOU BELIEVE IN ALIENS? Chino: Yeah, I believe there’s other life, but I don’t necessarily believe in aliens in the way that other people believe in […]

“Metal-Is” – August, 2000 // Chino and Stef Interviewed

Chino and Stef interviewed by Metal-Is August,2000 <—-> At this moment, Chino walks in and announces, “Oh man, I hate doing interviews with Stephen.” He glances at the guitarist and barks, “Don’t look at me, fool! I’m serious, I’m gonna fucking punch you!!” “Don’t even ask me to hit this joint, motherfucker! I’ll burn your […]

“Gallery of Sound” – July, 2000 // Chino and Chi Interviewed

PONY EXPRESS Sacramento’s DEFTONES balance angst and ambience with White Pony. by David Simutis www.deftonesworld.com ———————- As a rule, hip-hop inflected metal is the hair metal of the 90’s. With White Pony Sacramento’s Deftones prove that they’re not going to be the White Lion of their generation. To be sure, the band’s third CD is […]

“Kerrang!” – July, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

Chino Moreno interviwed by “KERRANG!” July, 2000 <—> Roadrunner has confirmed the guests on the upcoming Soulfly album “Primitive” which the band is currently recording in Mesa Arizona with producer Toby Wright, so far confirmed to appear on the album are Chino Moreno of the Deftones and Grady Avenell of Will Haven on “Pain” track. […]

“MTV Europe” – July, 2000 // Chino and Chi Interviewed

Chino and Chi interviewed by “MTV Europe” July, 2000 <—> – It’s Summer…sunbaths, lots of time to rest and relax… Chi: We don’t really take much time off. It’s like when we are not touring we are writing. I don’t think anyone takes vacations or anything like that, we just work constantly… Chino: We tour […]

“www.guitar.com” – July, 2000 // Chi Interviewed

Chi Cheng interviewed by “Guitar.com” July,2000 <—-> He may spend his evenings pumping out rib-rattling rhythms, but DEFTONES’ bassist CHI CHENG does some of his heaviest work with just a pen and paper. – After years of poetry writing and the occasional coffeehouse appearance, Cheng has released the compelling “Bamboo Parachute” a collection of 25 […]

“Kerrang” – July, 2000 // Deftones Interviewed

©KERRANG! So, it is with the greatest confidence that Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham,Chi Cheng and Frank Delgado pull up a pew in a plush hotel room and prepare to ask each other the type of questions they’ve, until now, avoided. Gentleman, the Kerrang! Truth Or Dare challenge awaits you… Stephen: “Alright Chino, what’s […]

“MTV” – July, 2000 // Chino, Stef and Chi Interviewed

Stef, Chino and Chi interviewed by “MTV” July, 2000 <—> MTV: Ever forget lyrics, or forget which song you guys are actually playing? Chino: It’s not that dramatic, no. I don’t think we’ve ever… Stef: It happens, though. I’ve seen this fool [points to Moreno] running around, going, “I forgot the words!” MTV: Are you […]

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