“Radio One BBC” – March 27, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

Deftones Interview Broadcast 27th Mar 2001 Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham from The Deftones took a break from their UK tour to join Mary Anne late one night on the Rock Show to talk music, play some of their favourite tracks, and answer some of the questions you e-mailed in for them. Click here hear […]

“The PRP” – March, 2000 // Abe Interviewed

Deftones, Interview with Abe Cunningham 03/24/01 PRP: Although “White Pony” has been embraced by the fans and hailed by the critics as one of the great albums of last year, yet in terms of sales it hasn’t seen you take the leap many had expected, with the album recently falling off the Billboard charts and […]

“bassstreet.com” – December, 2000 // Chi Interviewed

Chi Cheng interviewed by by Alan di Perna (bassstreet.com) ——– ——– Crossing a grassy square in funky downtown Sacramento, Chi Cheng pauses outside a circle of homeless kids who are seated on the ground, pounding out a tribal beat on a few hand drums. Most of the kids are in their early teens and have […]

“Circus” – December, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

circus magazine december issue Deftones chino moreno “basically threre are just 2 diffrent feelings, love and hate.” special interview by gabriella the deftones are a unique blend of music and one of the reasons for it might be the fact that they all and especially singer Chino Moreno are into a variety of music. for […]

“DetNews” – November, 2000 // Chi Interviewed

“Heavy rocking Deftones are flying high with ‘Back to School’ tour, a critically praised album and … Adam Sandler” By David Dodd / Special to The Detroit News ———————* www.deftonesworld.com ———————* ATLANTA Seated on adjoining couches on the set of an Adam Sandler MTV special this week, the Deftones joined the rubber-faced actor in an […]

“Rock Express” – 2000 // Chino Interviewed

Interview: Chino Moreno, Master of White Ponies DEFTONES – A CASE OF INTEGRITY rockexpress – 2000 I skateboard and have always carried my ‘board on tours. Stephen likes cycling and, for the past two or three year, has been bringing his own bike on tour. He goes out and finds a skateboarding ring and ride […]

“Metal-Is” – November, 2000 // Chi Interviewed

Chi Interviewed by J. Bennett (Metal-Is) 16 November, 2000 —————————————- Metal-Is: Where are you right now? Chi: I’m in Vegas. Metal-Is: Ouch. Sorry about that. Chi: You know, I feel the same way. I went down to the tables and watched everyone play, and I couldn’t even bring myself to place a five dollar bet. […]