“KROQ” – October, 2000 // Deftones Interviewed

deftones Interview held on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean show 8/10/00
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K&B: We are pleased to welcome to the KROQ studio, ladies & gentlemen, the deftones.


deftones: Helloooooo…

K&B: Welcome guys. What’s up you guys?

Chino: What’s goin’ on? K&B: It’s weird And have we’ve been doing this show since you were
little boys. And we’ve had lots and lots and lots of bands come here in the mornings.
You guys are the loosest for guys first here in the morning who are gettin’ ready to play
on the radio.

Chino: That’s because we are already drunk.

::everyone laughing::

Chino: We was drinking mimosas already since we woke up.

Stef: That’s the key right there!

K&B: Now let me ask you this…because everybody knows the deftones are one the bands that
just loves to tour. That’s kinda how you have sold a million or so records in your career.
But you really have the fanbase, the fans that come out that support you that love you. Right?

Chino: Well, our shows…basically our records are advertisements for our shows basically.
That’s how we look at it.

K&B: Now here’s my question, when you’re out on the road all the time like you guys, how do
you have time to watch ‘Survivor’?

Chino: Man, I ain’t tryin’ to watch ‘Survivor’. ::Laughing::

Chino: That’s wack! ‘Survivor’ is wack. ‘Big Brother’ is wack. They ALL wack.

K&B: You’re not on board with the ‘Survivor’?

Chino: Oh hell no. You gotta understand we watch skate videos and stuff, man. Those videos
are straight insane compared to watching ‘Survivor’ and stuff like that.

K&B: How is it, I understand that you guys said in the past & forgive me for asking you to
repeat yourselves, that kinda skateboarding is what brought you guys together right?

Chino: Pretty much. That was a common interest and all with all of us. Uhm, I knew Stephen
from my neighborhood. So we probably became friends when we like ten or eleven years old.
And from skateboarding is kinda the common interest that brought us all together. And then
Abe the same way, but I knew him from school, and it was just like a different click. But we
were all skateboarders so after school we would all congregate behind the school. And instead
of getting in trouble we’d be skating. But we’d still get into y’know. But it was more of
something that kept us from goin’ just completely crazy.

K&B: Are you used to the fact now that you’re a freakin’ band? Are you used to that yet or…

Chino: Yeah it’s cool, I think that’s one of the most unique things about us. We’ve been
friends before anything for many years. You know what I mean? I was laughing to today because
people were coming to me because I guess there was something on the internet saying we were
gonna break up. If we were gonna break up, we would’ve broke up a LONG time ago, man.

K&B: Who’s idea was for the band, you?

Chino: Uh…Stephen’s really. Yeah, Stephen at the time I was starting to hang out with Stephen
he had a bunch of band equipment in his garage, but he didn’t really have a band. Everyone from
the neighborhood would come over and just pick up and instrument and…

K&B: I bet your neighbors loved that…

Stef: Oh yeah they loved it…I saw the police every day.

K&B: They were always calling the police because you were being too loud? Stef: Yeah, I knew
the police by first name.

K&B: What is the ‘White Pony’, the name of the record, if you don’t mind me asking?

Chino: Uhm, basically it started out with the symbol itself of the white pony. And the
basically we kinda looked at it as a symbol of our individuality. Its like this white horse
that stands on its own. Y’know, we came up with the logo at first along with the name and it
kinda was something that would represent this record. It’s sorta like propaganda in a way
where we would blanket the cities with this logo. With half of the people saying, “Well, what
does that mean?”. Then give them the record and say, “That’s what that means.”.


K&B: ‘White Pony’ is the CD. ‘Change In the House of Flies’, a creepy little song. Tell us
about it before you play it for us.

Chino: It’s like towards the middle of the whole writing process we came up with this song and
unlike most songs it was written out of a jam in a way as opposed to alot of other songs where
I’d come in with an idea, or Stephen would come in with an idea or whoever, this is one of the
songs where we just kinda playing it and it just came out. So its one of my favorites I think
off the record.

K&B: Cool… Alright, well let’s give it a try.