“Latin MTV” – November, 2000 // Deftones Interviewed

The Deftones interviewed by Latin MTV
November, 2000
Translated by: NR

Would you like to sing some song in Spanish?

CHINO: Next month we will record a song with Cypress Hill and we are planning to sing a
little bit in Spanish. He’s gonna rap in Spanish.

STEF: I would like to see “MASCARA” in Spanish.

Why Vodka with Gatorade?

STEF: We like to invent things.

CHINO: No, it is powerful, for that reason I like. It gives you energy and it
puts you with crossed-eyes.

Since age began to smoke marijuana?

CHINO: I began when it was small, but then I stopped.
Once, I almost called my mother and tell her that.
It gaves me a kind of a heart attack and they had to take me to the hospital.
Then I stopped of smoking for 8 years. But now there is so much marijuana to my
surroundings that I cannot control.

Why did you cut your dreads?

CHINO: Because they were very dirty.

What do they think of what is happening between Metallica and Napster?
Do they believe that the internet is affecting them?

CHINO: I’m not sure if it is affecting us. I know that many people have downloaded our songs,
but our record stills being the number 3 of all records. I am fan of the internet and I don’t
want to enter in the means, but Metallica has a lot of reason in what they say, and at the same
time I think that they didn’t have to get angry because it is for their fans.
I don’t think that Napster wants to take possession of everything, but it wants to make it for
the fans. I remember that when I was a kid they didn’t have this things, and I had to look
for and to buy disks.

Have you downloaded songs from the internet?

STEF: Yes, a little. What I download more is pornography! I think that if you put more rules
to something, worse it will get in front of the rest of the world.
The internet gives us freedom, there’s no rules.

CHINO: The internet is like our link between us and our fans. Especially to our fans that
live in other countries.

Stef, tell me your plans. You’re about to move to Mexico.

STEF: Yes, I would like to go and learn more about Mexico.
I am not moving because I am Mexican.

Are your parents Mexican not?

STEF: My mother is Mexican and my father is north American.

And youre Chinese?

CHINO: My mother is half-spanish and half-chinese and my father is Mexican.

Do you know how to speak Spanish?

CHINO: I speak, but I don’t want you to laugh at me.

Many happiness for your new album White Pony. It has a lot of melody. Tell me about the melody.

CHINO: I like music that has emotion and love. Honestly, that can be in any music type.
We try to incorporate all that we have listened from small and we make this way our music.

What music type were you listening when you were recording the WP?

CHINO: Everything.

STEF: There are records that we always listen in different stages of our lives.
We listen everything. We don’t listen classic music or country, but we don’t have anything
against it.