El Scorcho (Weezer Cover)

Goddamn you half-Japanese girls Do it to me every time Oh the redhead said you shred the cello And I’m jello baby But you won’t talk, won’t look, won’t speak to me I’m the epitome, of Public Enemy Why you wanna go and do me like that? Come down on the street and dance with […]

South of Heaven

An Unforseen Future Nestled Somewhere In Time Unsuspecting Victims No Warnings, No Signs Judgment Day The Second Coming Arrives Before You See The Light You Must Die. Forgotten Children, Conform A New Faith Avidity And Lust Controlled By Hate Never Ending Search For Your Shattered Sanity Souls Of Damnation In Their Own Reality Chaos Rampant […]

Teclo (BQAD ending)

Long goes the night Longer the day Teclo your death Will send me to my grave I learned to beg I learned to pray Send me his love Send him to me again Let me ride (x2) Let me ride on his grace for a while Let me ride (x2) Just let me ride on […]

Never Let Me Down Again (BQAD Intro)

I’m taking a ride With my best friend I hope he never lets me down again He knows where he’s taking me Taking me where I want to be I’m taking a ride With my best friend We’re flying high We’re watching the world pass us by Never want to come down Never want to […]

I (Bad Brains Cover)

Not as much but with such intensity I’d like to be what they would not want me to be I like to cram their chivalry inside their guts I’d like to leave it all behind with the rest of the nuts I… I… Not as much but with more feeling now I’d like to forget […]

Sinatra (Helmet Cover)

I can’t move her… Obsessed with protection This is a bad idea She needs affection What, me??!?!?!?! Drive around town forced to talk Pass that church again Where’s a parking spot It’s Sinatra’s world She just lives here I hate everything as much as I hate me!!!!!!! What’s the best for me?!?! x4 She doesn’t […]


Through the air and time We came to see her Where the sun collides She carried us all For the first time I wish she’d call I wish she’d come And to blame or thanks ??? You could bury us all ??? For the first time I wish she’d call I wish she’d come I […]

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (The Cure Cover)

If only tonight we could sleep In a bed made of flowers If only tonight we could fall In a deathless spell If only tonight we could slide Into deep black water And breathe And breathe… Then an angel would come With burning eyes like stars And bury us deep In his velvet arms And […]

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