Found a Grave

This is some freaky shit that. There’s a dude named Camilo Moreno that was born June 12th (8 days before Chino) that died in Texas.
Check his grave |here(thanks to Liz)

Chino: tattoos comments

Here’s a little bit of an old interview with Chino:

Tattoos? How do you feel about ’em?

Chino: I’ve got three, this is the first one I got [a sun on his wrist], I don’t like it, but our bass player has it, and I got it. Actually, the sun is probably my biggest enemy, so I’ll probably get it laser removed or cut off my arm. This one [a virgin Mary on his forearm] is the only one I like, I’m really into Catholic art. And I have a tattoo on my back with my name on it. I don’t really like that either.
——Check Chino’s tattoos |here|

Chino: a city’s name

Did you know that CHINO is also a name of a city near L.A.? That’s true. (mainly all new houses and cows there)
Also in California there’s Moreno Valley and near there you can find Chino Hills. In Chino Hills there’s Chino Avenue and below Chino Hills there’s the Boys Republic…|. (thanks to Jessica, Carlos and Defteny)

Chino in Papa’s Video

If you check really close Papa Roach video “Last Resort”, you can see that between all the fans showed there, there’s a girl who has a poster of Chino in her bedroom.

Pony’s Leakage

This article was at the official BB. And apparently it came from a reliable source. It’s about how White Pony got leaked and why there’s different track names on Napster…

“The band only initially finished 12 tracks, and then finished Back to School over the summer making that 13 finished tracks for the White Pony sessions. If they had any leftover material, the band would have to go and finish it in the studio if they ever planned on releasing it. There’s nothing really in the can right now. There’s preliminary Team Sleep stuff being worked on and there’s talk about a remix album. The only other things they did recently in the studio was work on some acoustic renditions of White Pony songs. Change acoustic was the only one they finished, and it was pretty much following the original version of the song. They started working on acoustic renditions of Digital Bath, Boy’s Republic, and Knife Prty but didn’t complete these tracks yet. These tracks were much more in the way of RADICAL REWORKINGS of them. There is an unfinished version of the Boy’s Republic acoustic out there from those sessions, it remains unmixed, unfinished, and without vocals, and overdubs and whatever else the band needed to do to that song as well as Digital Bath and Knife Prty acoustic. Someone snuck a disc with that and the other unfinished tracks out of the studio and it was leaked by that way. Knife Prty and Digital Bath, did not get leaked however. One day these tracks may surface in a finished form as b-sides on singles, or if they have been reworked to the point that they would be deemed appropriate for inclusion on the proposed Black Stallion, then so be it.


– Flint Eastwood became Flint and then Change
– Pink Maggot, … well is Pink Maggit
– CYUA – no idea, probably a working title for something that ended on White Pony
– Iceskates – I’ve heard a lot that this was RX Queen’s working title
– Teenager was always called Teenager
– White Pony was the supposed name for Korea
– New Murderer was the working title for Feiticeira
– Webster was a working title for the Boy’s Republic
– Knife Party at the Niko, was a much better title, but then became simply Knife Prty
– Timbaland was the working title for none other than Passenger, that is a fact, straight from Stef’s mouth.
– Nightrider, working title for something they had, I don’t think it was Digital Bath though even though early mp3’s of it were mislabeled as Nightrider.

One last thing, in an early fan site review, i believe, the band said they had finished up 2 songs that were from Team Sleep and BOTH of them were going to turn up on White Pony. Now as we all know, only Teenager turned up on it. Some say that RX Queen may have originated from Team Sleep but the band has said otherwise saying it was something Chino and Abe made together halfway through the album’s sessions, as opposed to the various Team Sleep recording sessions the previous year.

BTW White Pony was leaked to the internet starting April 26, but it wasn’t readily available until the 27th when it had been circulated to various FTP’s and then eventually Napster.”

(thanks to Brent Starr)

FUCT This Job

A Texas newspaper editor was fired for running a photo of the Deftones featuring singer Chino Moreno in a sweatshirt with the letters “fuct.”
Nora Garza said her supervisors at The Monitor, a daily in McAllen, cited the photo’s “obscene” language when they dismissed her on Monday. The photo ran Friday on the cover of the paper’s entertainment section, which previewed the Deftones’ Halloween night show in the South Texas town.
“My first thought was, ‘Damn, that’s fucked,’ ” Moreno said Tuesday afternoon. “For one, it’s not obscene language. Two, it’s just silly. If they went to grammar school, they know the word’s spelled wrong.”
Moreno’s sweatshirt was made by the Los Angeles clothing company Fuct, whose clothes he said he’s been wearing for years. Former Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha wore a T-shirt reading “fuct” in that band’s “Bullet in the Head” video.
Garza, who was the paper’s features editor, said she chose the photo of the Sacramento, California, rap-rock band standing before a sunset for its artistic quality, and because she needed a vertical image for the section cover. The photo is a Maverick Records publicity shot. She said she never took a second look at the lettering on Moreno’s sweatshirt, assuming it was a brand name or initials “like on a college sweater.”
“I don’t use that language, and that’s why I never interpreted it as an obscene word,” she said.
She said she would not have run the photo if she had pronounced the word out loud.
Garza said she received one call from a reader who was offended by the photo, and another editor at The Monitor told her he’d also received a call from an upset reader.
The Monitor’s top editors did not return calls Tuesday.
“It’s pretty hilarious other than a lady losing her job,” Moreno said. “It’s just sad that you can open up the front page of the paper and see slain bodies and people being shot, and somebody has a word that resembles a bad word on a sweatshirt, and they’ve gotta make a big deal. I don’t understand what people are thinking.”
Moreno, who dressed up like Prince for the band’s show Tuesday night, said he did not plan to mention the incident from the stage. The Deftones are touring in support of their album White Pony, released in June.

Chino’s hair

Most of you (men) want to know what Chino used to put in his hair (mostly before ‘White Pony’) to get that spikey style. Here’s what he has to say about that:

Chino Moreno: “It’s called Murray’s. It’s pomade. It has a lady with an afro on the can, so I think it’s for black people, but it seems to do wonders with me.”