11. What Happened To You?

In the winds of your cape I’ve sailed with you From the shore to the gates We sway… We’re alive somewhere else Far ahead of our time… In a game of display we break in two We perform the ornate escape… We’re alive somewhere else Still asleep someplace new We’re ahead of our time Floating […]

10. Goon Squad

I carve my name Across your towns When I’m set Cut inside before The trends begin I spend my time perfecting Waves of contrast Cutting out all The same shit I’ve outgrown I’m bringing it in style myself You know it is with ease no sweat I see the crowns And I forget the couture […]

9. Rosemary

There’s no sound But the engine’s drone Our minds set free To roam Time shifting We discover the entry To other planes Our minds bend And our fingers fold Entwined, we dream I know Time shifting We discover the entry To other planes Stay with me As we cross the empty skies Come sail with […]

8. Gauze

It’s a mistake But go ahead and take a side But watch how you choose Or be headed for a ride ‘Cause I just don’t know if I could I can’t stop what you began I can’t fight for what you began You’ve opened the gates Now face the other side Just go on it’s […]

7. Tempest

Take out the stories They’ve put into your mind And brace for the glory As you stare into the sky, the sky Beneath I know you can’t be tired Lay there Stare at the ceiling And switch back to your time Just go ahead Now try and taste it I know it should be ripe […]

6. Graphic Nature

Leave your trail open Let me inside Guess I’m confused more or less Shed some light And tell me your secret How are you trained? I promise you I can keep it Go on explain… Tell me how you do it… now Your poison is glowing Against the night How can you lose Just show […]

5. Entombed

From the day you arrived I’ve remained by your side In chains, entombed. Placed inside, safe and sound Shapes and colors are all I see. On the day you arrived I became your device To name and soothe. Placed inside, safe and sound Shades and colors are all I see Shapes of colors are all […]