Paint the streets in white! Death is the standard Breach for a complex prize! I think it’s sweet of you And your parents are proud… But I would expect it from anyone Now to protect life’s indigenous sound! Worship! Play, Play x 3 Worship! Play! Worship! Play Worship! Worship! Worship! Play, Play x 3 Worship! […]


How neat… I’m impressed… How did you come to be… So blessed? You’re a star You blaze…out like a sharp machine… Like a whales moan… I’m here if that’s what you want! Here we are! You’re pins, I’m needles… Lets play… Here we are! You want this? Then come on… Tune out! Everyone in the […]


I get all…numb When she sings it’s over Such a strange numb And it brings my knees to the earth And God bless you all For the song you saved us… You’re the same…numb When you sing it’s over Such a strange numb It could bring back peace to the earth So God bless you […]


One of these days you’ll break me of many things. Some cold white day, but you’re crazy if you think I would leave you this way… You should wake up (wake up) before the wrath comes Me and you could take off (take off) before the wrath comes…soon And one of these days I pray […]


Soon as you came in, all the beast went away. They noticed that you’re warm wait till you leave then come back for more… The ropes hang to keep us all awake And I should have known As soon as you came in, the agony it went away I noticed what you wore, to everything […]


“…it’s hella sensitive…” Always the same old taste just new injury Well I’ll wear the claws if you’d like that Yeah if you’d like that we can ride on a blackhorse A great new wave Hesperian deathhorse I can call you when I get back Yeah when I get back I will call But don’t […]


I want to sleep if you are awake Still making believe that you aren’t at all crazy And if you don’t believe I think you should You make me so proud! Still you love to think you have always been this way…but you’re all wrong. And you only sleep when you’ve lost cause Well I […]