“National Spotlight” – November, 1998 // Abe Interviewed

Abe Interviewed by Billy Pavone (Natinal Spotlight) www.deftonesworld.com —————————————————– —————————————————– After the Deftones show at the Celebrity Theater,AZ – November 6th, 1998 L: How long have you been playing drums? A: Maybe about seventeen years now. L: What has been your progression of styles? A: I went through phases and s#!t like I think everybody […]

“Ozzfest Interview” – 1998 // Chi

Chi – Bassist for the deftones 1998 How has the Ozzfest been so far for you? It’s been great, it’s been amazing. I’m honored to be on the bill with all of these bands, and a lot of these bands are old school bands, ya know, Sabbath, the oldest school band. Let alone Slayer, Primus, […]

“Spin” – May, 1998 // Stef Interviewed

Stef intervied by SPIN (May,1998) Deftones guitarist Stephen Carpenter is the taco the town. An interview in five parts by Nicole DeCrescenzo. SPIN: Do you all skate? You look like Skate Culture. It’s weird, ’cause I don’t skate like I used to. When I was a kid I wanted to be sponsored, and, you know, […]

“Nick Terry” – September, 1998 // Chino Interviewed

Chino interviewed by Nick Terry 09/1997 – www.deftonesworld.com By any recckoning, the Deftones are this autumn’s Big Hip New Cool Band. With their second album ‘Around The Fur’ following hot on the heels of a completely sold-out UK tour, the Sacramento band could be set for stardom and all its usual pitfalls very soon. Nick […]

“Loudside” – February, 1998 // Stef and Chino Interviewed

Chino and Stef interviewed by Matteo Cipolla (loudside.com) © February 1998 <————-> On the 10th of February 1998, the Deftones were supposed to play in a little club here in Milan, Italy. Everybody knows they are one of the hottest bands around, and Italy was no exception with the tickets sold out in a few […]