“Ozzfest Interview” – 1998 // Chi

Chi – Bassist for the deftones 1998

How has the Ozzfest been so far for you?

It’s been great, it’s been amazing. I’m honored to be on the bill with all of these bands,
and a lot of these bands are old school bands, ya know, Sabbath, the oldest school band.
Let alone Slayer, Primus, stuff I grew up on. A lot of good new school acts.

How long have the deftones been together?

10 years.

10 Years?!

10 Years of boozin’ it up together. Since these guys were kids, ya know high school.
Getting grounded and not being able to make practice.

How would you describe your music?

Drunk Music.

First time I saw you live, I was blown away. You guys fucking rocked.

I appreciate it. I mean we all have different perceptions of what kind of band we are.
Which is cool, ya know? Stephen thinks he’s in a metal band. I think I’m in a punk band.
I’m not sure what Chino, Frank and Abe think, but everybody has their own perceptions of it.
We’re definitely more about having a good time, and being friends.

You and Chino in particular are mental on stage.

Yeah I am out of my mind on stage, and it makes me mellow the rest of the time, which is good.

Is there anyone you have gone out of your way to see on the tour so far?

Yeah, seriously at least half of the bands out here. Some of the new school bands,
like I don’t even listen to heavy music, I’m a blues guy.

What do you think of this seated audience stuff?

It’s different from what we’re used to, but it’s actually really cool to try and get the people
up, ya know? It’s humbling. You gotta work hard again, and I think that’s good.

Do you do any writing on the road?

We don’t really write together on the road. Everybody just parties. It’s more like everybody
individually writes, and we bring it all together later.

Are there any bands that you haven’t toured with that you would like to tour with?

Absolutely, one band in particular, and they said that next year it is definitely going to
happen and that is Tool. Which is cool. I don’t listen to heavy music, but what an unbelievable

When you get to Sabbath’s age, do you see yourself doing the same thing?

Hard to tell. I can’t tell.

If you weren’t making music, what do you think you would be doing?

You know, I love life and I love being alive, so I’d do anything.

What do you do to keep busy on the bus?

Besides drinkin. When I’m not on the bus, I meditate 2 to 3 times a day.

Is there anyone who musically inspires you?

Definitely. I love Ben Harper. Max Cavalera.