Headup Max

Max Cavalera named his band – Soulfly – thanks to ‘Headup’ from “Around the Fur”. Here’s Max own words:

Max Cavalera: “The name came up on the Deftones ‘Around the Fur’ record (..) we wrote ‘Headup’ together. On ‘Headup’ says SOULFLY on it (…) And when we did this TV show, I announced the name (…) when I played with them… I grabbed the mic and said ‘Hey I have a new band, it’s called Soulfly…’ and then we announced it right there.” 

Check these comments in |thiscool video. ( thanks to Hardkore)

Chino Autographs

Have you ever got autographed stuff from Chino? If yes, perhaps you’ve watched that he writes in a very funny way… He holds the pen with the back of his thumb!!! It’s damn weird how he writes! You can see a pic of him signing some stuff |here|.
Also about Chino autographs I remember that I asked him why he draws ‘pentagrams’ and ‘hearts’ before his name, but he said he make that for no reason at all. Before I met him I thought the ‘pentagrams’ where for boys and ‘hearts’ for girls. But I was wrong cause he signed my ‘White Pony’ with a heart. 

Chi’s Spirit

I read in Chi’s personal liner notes on ‘Adrenaline’ that the first person he thanked was – “The Almighty Spirit That Moves Through All Things”. I also read Chi’s comments about that:

Chi: “A guy named Tom Brown Jr. studied under an Apache elder. instead of categorizing under one God-head, he saw that everyone was going to have their own interpretation of God and a sense of harmony. So, “The Almighty Spirit That Moves Through All Things” refers to the harmonious nature of whatever you chose to call God, as it moves through everything, even down through sub-atomics. The way Tom Brown summed it up was the best. He didn’t have any prejudices when talking about The Spirit That Moves Through All Things. He wasn’t’ being judgmental. He was describing the harmonious, underlying thing, which kind of rolls everything together.”

Greg Moreno

Did you ever see the ‘Felicity’ show? There’s a character on this show called Sean. His real name is Greg Grunberg, and let me tell you that he looks just like Chino, specially his eyes and mouth.  Greg also plays a role in the movie ‘Hollow Man’.  I guess if I made a defmorphation of both you probably wouldn’t see the difference. (thanks to Abby Diaz for this cool stuff)o Abby Diaz for this cool stuff)

Adrenaline cover

The object on the Deftones’ first album – Adrenaline – ain’t a kid’s top, like it appears to be. That is an aspirator, used for babies when they have mucous in their lungs or nose since they cannot blow it out themselves. You squeeze the hollow air filled ball and place it into their nose or throat and release and it sucks up unwanted matter.

Chino Nosedive

You can’t pick your fans, and you can’t pick your fans’ noses. But, as Chino Moreno learned on June, 20th 1998 (his birthday) during a show at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, Ca., occasionally, if the timing’s right, a fan can pick your nose. It seems when Moreno dove headfirst into the crowd during the band’s performance of its hard- driving song “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away),” from the Around the Fur album, an audience member’s finger somehow got lodged up inside of Moreno’s nose. After being returned to the stage by the accommodating crowd, he swabbed at his bleeding proboscis with a towel and completed the song, before launching into the final number of the set, the appropriate “Headup.” “In all the years that I’ve been diving into crowds, no one has ever stuck their finger so far up my nose that they touched my brain!” Moreno later quipped.


Morphation is the technology that some directors use on the making of movies or some other kind of audiovisual work. It became famous on the unforgettable Michael Jackson’s “Black and White” video. Since then “Terminator 2” or more recently “Matrix” also used the same technique to mix images, people faces are the main target. With this same idea, I used morphation to mix Deftones’ faces. This is the DEFmorphation gallery, simply click on the link to see how it worked.

Chino played drums

Yes! Chino played drums when he was invited by Grady Avenell in a Will Haven concert.
Who saw this rare moment said that he really did a good job. Rhythm took possession of him since he was a little kid. At age 12, Chino traded some of his skates for some funky latin-percussion-type drums, and he used to make crazy sounds with it. His mother was furious with him, because so much noise until the day he met Stef and the percussion-drums were moved to Stef’s garage.

Chi similar to Lara Croft

Here’s a funny comparison between Chi Cheng and Tomb Raider’s heroin Lara Croft…

Deftones: ‘Living in me is so poor’

As so many bands out there, the Deftones are no exception. They’ve been robbed several times. Once was on the “Around the fur” European Tour while the band was playing a gig in Berlin (Germany), thieves pillaged the group’s tour van making off with camera equipment and CDs. The most valuable were video tapes containing performance and behind-the-scenes footage, that the band had hoped to compile on a home video release. This pillage also left the band with no clothes, except for what they were wearing on stage that night.
Another robbery scene was surprisingly on February 14th, 1999 (Valentine’s Day) in a hotel parking lot at Dearborn, Michigan. This time thieves made it on the morning, while everyone were asleep. They stole the touring truck containing all the band’s gear and instruments. It all happened when Deftones were supposed to opening Black Sabbath’s Reunion tour. The first show was cancelled due to this crime. Then with the help of Pantera and Black Sabbath, the band was able to play with borrowed instruments. In both cases rewards were offered.