How does Chino dive off the stage?

Much Thanks to my dear friend Robin Perkins
Pics from the “Back to School Tour” show at New Orleans / December 5th, 2000

Deftones’ Hellraisers

You probably remember Chino riding a mini-Harley during Hexagram’s video shoot. The truth is that Abe and Steff also have one of those mini-bikes, known as “Hellraisers”. Here’s the link to the website of the Hellraisers constructor. Check it out at:

And here’s some pics of Chino, Abe and Stef’s Hellraisers:

Deftones self-titled tentative song names

“Aria” was a working title for “Needles & Pins”
“White Women” was a working title for “Needles & Pins”
“Bukkake” was a working title for “When Girls Telephone Boys”
“Cracker” was a working title for “Bloody Cape”
“You Hate Fun” was a working title for “Battleaxe”
“The Late Great Planet Earth” was a working title for “Minerva”
“Red Faced” was a working title for “Minerva”
“Suckas” was a working title for “Hexagram”
The “DVD song” is “Hexagram” (not the full version)
“Up On Blocks” was just a strong rumour…

Around the Fur video

As you all might know Stef Carpenter shot a video for “Around the Fur”, but unfortunately, it has never been released. The video was mainly shot in Japan, back in 1998, it contained nudity/drugs scenes. The little secret in all this is that you have already seen a little bit of it. Just insert your White Pony cd in your pc, then let the enhanced program run. Go to the “Indulge” part and check Chino’s section. See  Chino’s short movie playin on the top? That’s the ATF video… at least a part of it…see some screenshots HERE

Chi & Chi

Deftones’ bassist – Chi Cheng – has a song with his own name, that is “Chi” from KoRn. Here’s what Jonathan Davis had to say about that:

Paul: I know a lot of the other songs (from “Life is Peachy”) are about childhood, what about some of the others like “Chi”.

Jonathan: Chi is about a lot of alcohol and drug abuse, people turn to that when they have problems so that they won’t have to feel their pain.

Paul: How does Chi fit into the whole thing?

Jonathan: Chi is actually Chi Cheng from the Deftones.

Paul: That’s what I thought, he is the only Chi I know!

Jonathan: Yeah we named it after him because he used to call it reggae, and he loves reggae music. We nickname all of our songs before I have the lyrics, like, I had “dick nose” for one song, we name them fucked up because it’s just the music and I have to write the lyrics before we name the song. So, it was first called “reggae” before I got the lyrics, then we renamed it “Chi” because we always think of him when we played it. Now we have a song called “Chi”.

Paul: So Chi is immortalized…

Also Thanks to: Hannes Tulatz in ’96 and Deftones Copyrights

1. Do you want to see how Deftones’ official site was in 1996, 1997, 1998 or 1999? If yes then click HERE

2. I’ve accessed Deftones’ official copyrights file. This file shows everything that the Deftones have
copyrighted with their own name. Please don’t copy or adulterate this document. Check it HERE

Thanks Jackass!

Rick Kosick (the camera guy from MTV’sJackass) is listed in the linear notes of all 3 Deftones cd’s. Chi and Steph thank him in the Adrenaline notes, he does the photography in Around the Fur and he’s thanked in the White Pony notes. Lets assume it’s the same Rick Kosick because Chino Moreno was about to join Kosick on one of the Jackass’ episodes. Kosick is also behind the Big Brother skateboard magazine…I’ve also heard that some members of the Jackass crew are from Sacramento…drop me a line if you find more about this. By the way did you know that Todd Wilkinson’s (Teamsleep) nickname is “Snagulia”? Look at Chino’s thanks on your Adrenaline booklet… props to: Carlo

During an episode of Jackass (Episode 7 – Runtime: 15:33), you can see a huge White Pony banner on some street in the show. check it HERE
thanks to: Eric from Vancouver, Canada

About Scott…

This story was taken from the first Deftones Fan Page ever – DEFTONES SCREAMN CAT PAGE –

a nice little story, written by Bryan Dailey (1998)

“About 5 years ago I was in a band called, (can you believe?) “ARGYLE WING-NUT” and we played shows at a place called the Cattle Club (check the liner notes of Adrenaline and the 7words video, where it was filmed). The Cattle Club is where the Deftones built up their huge following in Sacto. (that’s what we natives call Sacramento) It has since closed down, but the owner, Jerry Perry really helped the Deftones out by letting them open for some of the bigger bands that already had a large following such as Mordred from San Francisco.
When they first started playing in clubs, they had a drummer named John Taylor and Chino was going by the last name Wong. A few years later, John quit the Deftones and joined a band called Prayer Wheel, who are also a pretty cool band. Anyway, the manager of the Deftones, Dave Park, (I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the Deftones play the song, “He wears short shorts, Dave wears short shorts – they gave him alot of shit about his nut-hugger running shorts) called Scott, the drummer in my band, to try out for the Deftones. Scott received two demo tapes in the mail (which I happen to have kept) and went in for the audition. Scott was really nervous so I went with him that day. The funniest thing about all of this is that Scott used to be the drummer for Prayer Wheel.
Chino was sick, but we got to hang out with Chi and Stephen. In fact Scott and I drove Stephen home afterwords because his ride didn’t show up. At the time of the auditions, Abe, who was in the band Phallucy, was filling in on drums until they could find a replacement. Stephen told Scott that he was the front runner for the spot, but the guys in the band really wanted Abe to quit Phallucy and stay with them. (I saw a couple of their shows when Abe first joined and I knew then that he was perfect for the Deftones).
They finally convinced Abe to stay in the band and before we knew it, the Deftones were signed to Maverick and recorded Adrenaline. A few of the songs on the CD were from the demos i.e. 7 words, Engine #9, Root, Nosebleed but hopefully they will put “Like Linus” (later renamed simply “Linus”), Some People, Christmas, and Hump, on their next CD.”

Frank’s Brother

Bobby Nero is Frank Delgado’s brother. Fame is often a by-product of being in a big band like the Deftones. While a Deftones member, Frank Delgado is not the most recognizable Deftones member, but he is fairly well-known. But despite what Frank might accomplish in his band, he probably figures not even to be the most famous member of his family. In California everyfootball fan knows Bobby Nero, he joined the UNLV Rebels in 2000 to play as a wide receiver.
Here’s a piece of an interview (by the time Frank was receiving a Grammy Award):
“I was going to class, and my mom called me on my cell phone,” said Nero. “She said, ‘He won it! He won it!’ At first, I didn’t know what she was talking about, and then it clicked. I let him enjoy it for a day, and then I called him. I congratulated him and, man, he was just tickled pink. I was, too. Having a Grammy in the family is like having a Heisman Trophy.”

So does Nero automatically get back-stage passes?

“If I was in the NFL, would my parents not get front-row seats?” Nero said. “Of course, I get the back-stage passes and all that. … Anytime he comes to L.A. or Vegas, anywhere around here, we go.” Away from the concerts and trips back stage, Nero is hoping for a bigger role with the Rebels next season.
Last year, his first with UNLV, Nero had eight catches for 131 yards and three touchdowns.

Check HERE Bobby’s profile, it will probably help you to know more about Deftones’ DJ, Frank Delgado.


Well here’s anther old movie with a deftones-related name: “Charles Bronson is CHINO, a “HALF-INDIAN” horse rancher in New Mexico who takes in a teenage runaway, played by Vincent Van Patten. He classes with Maral, a wealthy breeder and falls in love with Maral’s sister. When Maral sees what is going on, he has Chino beaten and jailed. In an interesting departure from the vengeance-obsessed killer seen so many times before and after, Bronson plays a sensitive man who just wants to be left alone.”

Here’s a pic of “Chino” the movie