Thanks Jackass!

Rick Kosick (the camera guy from MTV’sJackass) is listed in the linear notes of all 3 Deftones cd’s. Chi and Steph thank him in the Adrenaline notes, he does the photography in Around the Fur and he’s thanked in the White Pony notes. Lets assume it’s the same Rick Kosick because Chino Moreno was about to join Kosick on one of the Jackass’ episodes. Kosick is also behind the Big Brother skateboard magazine…I’ve also heard that some members of the Jackass crew are from Sacramento…drop me a line if you find more about this. By the way did you know that Todd Wilkinson’s (Teamsleep) nickname is “Snagulia”? Look at Chino’s thanks on your Adrenaline booklet… props to: Carlo

During an episode of Jackass (Episode 7 – Runtime: 15:33), you can see a huge White Pony banner on some street in the show. check it HERE
thanks to: Eric from Vancouver, Canada