“Total Guitar” – 2000 // Stef Interviewed

Stef’s interviewed by TOTAL GUITAR (2000) * www.deftonesworld.com * ————————————————————— Move over Korn – Deftones, on the back of their White Pony album, are now poised for superstardom. Uncompromising and abrasive? Check. Forays into acoustic-dom and contemplative lyrics? Check. One of the best albums so far this year? Check again. On White Pony, their third […]

“DefJam” – May, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

Def Jam: An Interview With Deftones’ Chino Moreno by Blair Fischer ——————— www.deftonesworld.com ——————— In the middle of an alt-metal revolution, Deftones, a harbinger of the genre, are turning things around. The first single from the group’s third album, White Pony offers a taste of the evolution: “Change (In the House of Flies)” vacillates between […]

“www.knac.com” – May, 2000 // Chino and Chi Interviewed

Chino and Chi interviewed by www.knac.com May, 2000 <—-> In separate phone interviews from their respective Sacramento, Calif., homes, Moreno and bassist Chi Cheng (Deftones are rounded out by drummer Abe Cunningham and DJ Frank Delgado) took a break from the hectic run up to White Pony’s June 20 release to talk about the new […]

“www.deftones.com” – May, 2000 // Chino Thoughts

Chino Moreno finally talked about every track on the White Pony, here’s what Chino have to say about each Pony track: 1. Feiticeira – “An old type of deftones song, with really cool rhythms and heavy soft dynamics. Its named after a Brazilian female, but its lyrically about a kidnapping scenario. It details a few […]

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