“New York Daily News” – July, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

Chino interviwed by “N.Y. Daily news”
July, 2000


Deftones frontman Chino Moreno had some less than kind words for
a few bands in an interview featured in the New York Daily News,
today Monday July 10th. He took the time to comment on a variety
of current bands and also on the status of the rapcore sound,
here’s what he had to say:

Chino: Honestly I don’t think there’s any band out there that does
rap-metal correctly, except the Beastie Boys, the rest just seem silly
to me. It’s hard to turn on MTV and see all these bands on ‘TRL’ doing
really shitty versions of a sound we helped pioneer, while our videos
get played once at 3 in the morning.

He also went on to call Kid Rock a “novelty” and stated Limp Bizkit is
“frat rock, a mockery”. When asked about how he felt about the current
crop of nu metal bands and Slipknot in particular he stated:

Chino: I grew up seeing real metal bands, like Metallica, compared to
them, Slipknot is the Mickey Mouse Club.

And laying to rest the rumor of the band breaking up, he commented on
the bands longevity saying:

Chino: I love bands that keep putting out records which always take the
music ahead another step. That’s the kind of band we hope to be.
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