First Commandment (feat. Soulfly)

Pohhh! – Max
Covered in sangre – Chino
Murderer! – Max
Blood on your shoulders – Chino

Karma! – Chino
How does it feel? – Max
Karma! – Chino
I’ll take a life – Max
Wailing! – Chino
Wailing in vein
Wailing! – Max
You’ll reap what you sow! – Chino

Thou – Max
Shalt not kill! (4x) – Chino

Shalt! Lie to yourself – Chino
Lie to your friends
Now lay and wait you fucking
Rapist! – Max
You’ll have no redemption – Chino
Burn! Burn… – Max
Burn muthafuckas! – Chino

“I might just come after you – Chino
I just might come after…but you’ll never know…
Broke the first commandment”

Thou – Max
Shalt not kill! (4x) – Chino
Face your judgment! – Max