8. Birthmark

I’d meet you in wrong Bury all then I would be right with her In whole, cherished by two It makes you fly, yes I’ll lie God I’ll even lick her fucking picture In whole, drinks won’t stain this BIRTH! It’s just me, I’m bored Carried lung now I could be right with her In […]

9. Engine #9

Yeah! This ain’t no motherfuckin’ stick up, put the stick up And watch it roll real close, rolling out of my hand ’til It cracks to that fucking dome, living off the curb I bet you fuck up, I tell it so why, Do you dig many in ’93 Been making them fools go ’bout, […]

10. Fireal

We are beggars, where blown And I will meet you fourth floor Then we’ll make up – no No fist to fuckin’ save you from (3x) You knock me out I’ll take the burden full blown And we’ll, I’ll be there – no Do you think I care? No fist to fucking save you from […]

11. Fist

Hello memory lover You are mine I gave everything I need you And someday I’ll be with I’ll be with you I will I’m so dead You are the first star You’re the one who sees it all I know I’m so tired… And sick!