“Review-Journal” – October 2004 // Abe Interviewed

www.deftonesworld.com “Testing Their Metal” By DOUG ELFMAN REVIEW-JOURNAL The Deftones are practically the root of contemporary metal, and the band isn’t afraid to try new things. The Deftones’ next metal album will be “brainy,” “harsh” and “pretty,” band members say. Metal music is the new punk rock. Punk music itself has been co-opted by corporations. […]

“MTV” – September 2004 // Chino Interviewed

  Chino Moreno interviewed by MTV (September 2004) For much of the summer, the Deftones have been writing, erasing and rewriting songs in a Malibu, California, studio. Now the band is hitting the road, ready to premiere the material on a monthlong U.S. club tour. “We’re just going to get used to playing as a […]