“Weekly Dig” – November 2003 // Chi Cheng Interviewed

Deftones Whisper Sweet Nothings In Your Bleeding Ear by Ted Kehoe Chi Cheng battled a nasty cold in Texas to talk with me about porn, flying, and the Nuge: TK: Do I even want to ask you about your new governor? Chi Cheng: He’s a little alpha male for me. It’s like having a pumped-up […]

“Seattle Weekly” – November 2003 // Frank Delgado Interviewed

www.deftonesworld.com Deft Ones Deftones reach out beyond the nü-metal ghetto. by Andrew Bonazelli (Seattle Weekly) THERE ARE MILES and miles of treacherous acreage between Rock and Roll Lamesville and Four Star Rock City. The Deftones have been subletting a cramped 1/1 in the outlying suburbs of the latter for years, but damn do they get […]

“Metromix” – November 2003 // Chi Cheng Interviewed

Chi Cheng Interviewed Metal head musings Deftones on the Governator, Madonna and ‘ghettolicious’ Grammys By Ari Bendersky (metromix) With a slew of mediocre nu-metal bands popping up, stalwart metal mongers Deftones have managed to stay on top of the heap artistically, if not commercially. Currently on tour supporting the band’s new self-titled album, bassist Chi […]

“LA Review Journal” – October 2003 // Abe Cunningham Interviewed

October 2003 Las Vegas Review-Journal ————————– www.deftonesworld.com A lot of rockers have talked about the Deftones’ 2000 album, “White Pony,” with the kind of reverence that musicians usually reserve for classics. “White Pony” was rare at the time, for mixing lush and dark subtleties into hard-core rock wailings. Its followers included mainstream acts such as […]

“Peta 2” – September 2003 // Chi Cheng Interviewed

Responsible for sparking the nü metal wave or the alt metal explosion, or the … fine, whatever you’d like to call it, the Deftones nailed it back in 1995 with “Adrenaline,” and continued their infectious layered sound with three more Maverick releases, all of which have proved their lasting power. They’ve switched things up a bit, adding […]

“Hit Parader” – 2003 // Deftones Interviewed

“Total Guitar” – August 2003 // Deftones Interviewed