“The Connection” – May 2005 // Chino Interviewed

Deftones singer plans new albums By Angela Rosas Right after their October 2004 tour, Sacramento’s own Deftones jumped from the stage straight into the studio to begin working on their fifth, full length album due to release this summer. It has been two years since their self-titled “Deftones,” was released; a worthy cause but not […]

“MTV.com” – May 2005 // Chino Interviewed

www.deftonesworld.com Deftones Blame Connecticut For Album Delay, Cover Skynyrd 05.31.2005 6:03 AM EDT Hardcore poet Moreno and his heavyweight Deftones spent the winter in Stamford, Connecticut, with producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Jane’s Addiction). It was there — at Ezrin’s studio and abode, the Carriage House — that the band recorded some of the material […]

“Igetconnected” – January 2005 // Chi and Frank Interviewed

DEFTONES Interviewd bt igetconnected January 2005 The music of the Deftones appeals to many tribes: metalheads, rock fans, and indie geeks alike. We hired a spy to follow them in the studio to film them recording their new album, but the clever group spotted our operative’s hidden camera. Luckily, they agreed to embrace technology and […]

“Rolling Stone” – January 2005 // Abe Interviewed

  ROLLING STONE – January 2005 Deftones Go Upside Down California rockers exploring new sounds with Ezrin To break down musical walls, the Deftones have joined forces with the man who helped build the most famous one of all. And Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham says working with legendary producer Bob Ezrin — whose credit list […]

“Edge 103.9” – October 2004 // Abe and Chino Interviewed

  theedge1039.com Coming Soon!Why am I seeing this Under Construction page? Links recomendados Internet fm radio Escuchar la radio Country radio Radio stations Escuchar fm Sponsored Links radio radio no Leiloes.net Compras em Segurança no Leiloes.net Leiloes.net/radio ClassificadosTT.com Anuncios Grátis Todo Terreno Jipes, Motos, Moto4, Peças www.classificadostt.com Panic At the Disco Tickets on sale now […]

“Review-Journal” – October 2004 // Abe Interviewed

www.deftonesworld.com “Testing Their Metal” By DOUG ELFMAN REVIEW-JOURNAL The Deftones are practically the root of contemporary metal, and the band isn’t afraid to try new things. The Deftones’ next metal album will be “brainy,” “harsh” and “pretty,” band members say. Metal music is the new punk rock. Punk music itself has been co-opted by corporations. […]

“MTV” – September 2004 // Chino Interviewed

  Chino Moreno interviewed by MTV (September 2004) For much of the summer, the Deftones have been writing, erasing and rewriting songs in a Malibu, California, studio. Now the band is hitting the road, ready to premiere the material on a monthlong U.S. club tour. “We’re just going to get used to playing as a […]

“Weekly Dig” – November 2003 // Chi Cheng Interviewed

Deftones Whisper Sweet Nothings In Your Bleeding Ear by Ted Kehoe Chi Cheng battled a nasty cold in Texas to talk with me about porn, flying, and the Nuge: TK: Do I even want to ask you about your new governor? Chi Cheng: He’s a little alpha male for me. It’s like having a pumped-up […]

“Seattle Weekly” – November 2003 // Frank Delgado Interviewed

www.deftonesworld.com Deft Ones Deftones reach out beyond the nü-metal ghetto. by Andrew Bonazelli (Seattle Weekly) THERE ARE MILES and miles of treacherous acreage between Rock and Roll Lamesville and Four Star Rock City. The Deftones have been subletting a cramped 1/1 in the outlying suburbs of the latter for years, but damn do they get […]

“Metromix” – November 2003 // Chi Cheng Interviewed

Chi Cheng Interviewed Metal head musings Deftones on the Governator, Madonna and ‘ghettolicious’ Grammys By Ari Bendersky (metromix) With a slew of mediocre nu-metal bands popping up, stalwart metal mongers Deftones have managed to stay on top of the heap artistically, if not commercially. Currently on tour supporting the band’s new self-titled album, bassist Chi […]

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