“Ultimate Guitar” – November 2005 // Stef Interviewed

In the exclusive interview conducted by UG, Deftones’ guitarist Stephen Carpenter minutely discussed the band’s latest “B-Sides And Rarities” album, talked about his bandmates, music influences and fans. All that you can find below, so don’t waste your time and read on!

  • Ultimate-Guitar.com: You’ve been compared to a lot of bands — Cure, The Smiths, Soundgarden, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Pantera. Which one made the biggest influence on your music in your opinion?

Stephen Carpenter: For me I’d say every band you’ve mentioned and many you haven’t have all played a small part musically. Me, us, everyone takes a piece of what they hear and make it a part of themselves. Music is an influence for all.

  • Did your music taste change since the release of your first album?

    It changes every time we do a record. Except for the fact that we make music that is loud, soft and everything in between.

  • You’ve been releasing an album every three years since 1997 – 2000, 2003, 2006. Is there any marketing decisions behind it or it just takes you three years to prepare new material for an album?

    No marketing desicions, Chino takes a long time.

  • What keeps the band going for so many years? Do you get tired of each other?

    We do get tired of each other, but we’re family. Not blood related, just love each other like we are. That’s what keeps it going.

  • Inside the band, do you mostly listen to the same music or each of you has individual preferences?

    We each have our own personal pref’s for sure. Many kinds we like the same, but there are differences for sure.

  • Is there a band you would agree to be a “warming act” for?

    I’ll play with any band.

  • Can you compare the sound of “B-Sides And Rarities” to any of your previous albums?

    No and yes. No, because all the songs are just a compilation of tracks over the years. Yes, because we try to mix it up on each record.

  • Most of your fans have been disappointed you didn’t put Depeche Mode’s “To Have And To Hold” on the record. Why you didn’t and how did you choose the songs and video material for “B-sides & Rarities”? What was the main criteria?

    No specific reason for that track to not make it. As for there being any criteria for what made it, I think it was just a matter of time and place. There will be more to come in the future, can’t put it all in one package, it’s to much!

  • You say you worked with legendary producer Bob Ezrin on your last album ’cause you wanted “something different”. Seems like everybody enjoyed working with him, except Chino Moreno, who’s been blaming him in all kinds of different things. Ezrin replied, that Moreno “came unprepared, came late, missed days, didn’t show up” during their record sessions in Connecticut. After all, are you satisfied with Ezrin’s work? Moreno really didn’t like his way of working or it was more of a personal conflict?

    Bob said it all as it was. I like Bob, it’s to bad it didn’t work out.

  • The CD sleeve of “B-Sides And Rarities” look like Frank Sinatra’s “Best” album or the top of an eternity box and is very different from all your other CD art. Is it due to you being an old and respective band now or the taste of the CD art person?

    Lol. Frank’s “Best” wasn’t the the reason for it. But, Frank, the artist hooked it up!

  • What were the other versions of naming the album?

    Chi had the best title. But, it’s lost in the anals of time now.

  • Do you read forums on your fans’ web-sites? Do you keep in touch with you fans?

    I don’t read much of anything. I do keep in touch with fans as much as I can. Try imagine talking to thousands of people daily. Wow!

  • Your official website Deftones.com hasn’t been updated for quite a while. Are you planning to make a proper official website with interviews, forums, news and such? Meanwhile, what is the best source to keep up with your updates?

    Deftones.com is the main source, also Deftones MySpace is another good source. As for keeping it updated, I don’t have an answer for that.

  • In some interviews you say a couple of words about the new album next year and a tour, but nothing certain. What are your plans? Can we hope for the resuming of a band?

    We’re doing the Taste Of Chaos tour early next year. After that, we plan to head east over seas, back to the States, then back over seas, then back to the States, then down under, then a tour of the Americas, after that off to Asia, then back home, then over seas again, then the States, then Canada, then… I don’t know, you get my drift.

  • What about your side projects? What are they up to?

    Lol. Thanks Maverick!

  • Nowdays there are a lot of shitty music playing around and there are a whole lot of guys, dreaming to play in a band one day. Can you advise any good bands to listen to (besides Deftones, of course)?


  • Thank you for your patience!