“Billboard” – August 2006 // Stef Interviewed

Deftones Unfazed By Long Road To New CD August 30, 2006, 10:35 AM ET Gary Graff, Detroit It’s been three years since the Deftones released their last album of all-new material. But guitarist Stephen Carpenter says the group wasn’t sweating the long wait for the new “Saturday Night Wrist,” which, as previously reported , arrives Oct. 31 via […]

“Artisan” – August 2006 // Chi Interviewed

“LA Times” – August 2006 // Chino Interviewed

The metal family moshes on Korn, Deftones lead the way on the Family Values Tour. By Steve Appleford, Special to The Times The boy looked to be about 4 years old, a smiling little kid in spiky hair and green camouflage short-pants. And all around him were dozens of ecstatic young men, swirling in the […]

by Hefe from Romania – July 2006 // Deftones Interviewed


“Metalrage.com” – July 2006 // Stef Interviewed

Deftones – A chat with Stef Carpenter Interview by Shaydee Venue: Tivoli – Utrecht An interview with Deftones, musically one of my all time favorites. Ever since I joined Metalrage.com I had fantasized about it and on June 10th 2006 it was scheduled to take place. As I walked towards the entrance of the venue […]

“St Petersburg Times” – June 2006 // Abe Interviewed

  Accentuate the positive By Sergey Chernov Staff Writer For The St. Petersburg Times Sacramento, California-based band the Deftones will perform in St. Petersburg on Wednesday. The Deftones might have been through hard times lately, but has now regained its “Posi-tones.” The California-based alternative metal/post-hardcore quintet returns to Russia to perform its first concert in […]

“SacBee” – May 2006 // Chino Interviewed

Article by: Chris Macia Online at: http://www.sacticket.com/music/story/14254745p-15070237c.html Chino Moreno’s heart is with his mom Chino Moreno, spoon in hand, settles into a chair at his mom’s kitchen table. He’s just returned to Sacramento this morning from the Deftones’ two-month Taste of Chaos tour, and the tattooed singer is hungry for a taste of home. “Yeah, she’s […]

” MTV ” – April 2006 // Chino Interviewed

There was a point a few years back when Chino Moreno just didn’t want to make another Deftones record. Neither did the rest of the Sacramento, California, rockers. Moreno told the rest of the band he’d be doing his own thing for a bit. That thing was Team Sleep — Moreno’s ambient, experimental side project, […]

“Hour – Canada” – April 2006 // Chino Interviewed

Deftones depersonalized by Dave Jaffer Frontman Chino Moreno tires of talking about himself, both musically and on the phone  It’s not that Chino Moreno doesn’t like doing interviews, he insists. “I just don’t like talking on the phone. Not even with my girlfriend. And sometimes you get [interviewers] who ask all these stupid questions, and you’re […]

“Yahoo – Canada” – April 2006 // Stef Interviewed

Toning up for Chaos Hard-working band promises all-out punk/metal assault By ALLAN WIGNEY , OTTAWA SUN THE YEAR was 1988. And a quartet of fledgling Sacramento-based musicians caught a break of sorts, when one member of the struggling band was hit by a drunk driver. The resulting settlement brought the teens enough cash to deck […]