“Chicago Sun-Times” – July 2003 // Chino Interviewed

www.deftonesworld.com CHICAGO SUN-TIMES “Hard rock to the core” July 25, 2003 BY JIM DeROGATIS It’s been 15 years since vocalist Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter and drummer Abe Cunningham started jamming together as high school students in Sacramento, Calif., and eight years since the group (which is completed by bassist Chi Cheng and DJ Frank […]

“Mean Street” – July 2003 // Abe Interviewed

July 2003 -Cover Story – Mean Street Music Magazine DEFTONES: Nu Metal Mavericks “That we still haven’t killed each other after fifteen years is pretty big.” – Chi Cheng By: Mar Yvette www.deftonesworld.com It’s a chilly May evening in Detroit and as the sun begins to set, the motley crowd of generation Y-ers lined up […]

“Chart Attack” – July 2003 // Chino & Frank Interviewed

ChartAttack – July 21st 2003 www.deftonesworld.com – Deftones Not “Morose” – The Deftones aren’t doing much to dispel public opinion that they’re the metallic equivalent of an emo band. They’ve been asked about their love of droopy singers like Morrissey a million times throughout their 15-year career, to the point where it’s a virtual no-no […]

“Hit Parade” – July 2003 // Chino Interviewed

Hit Parade, July 2003. Pages 52-53 typed by Liz (LlZARDofOZ@aol.com) Big things have been predicted for the Deftones ever since this Sacramento, California-based New Metal attraction first hit the music scene back in the mid-’90s. During that time, vocalist Chino Moreno, guitarist Stephen Carpenter, drummer Abe Cunningham, d.j. Frank Delgado and bassist Chi Cheng have […]

“Bass Guitar” – Summer 2003 // Chi Interviewed

Bass Guitar, Summer 2003. Page 26 typed by Liz Deftonemakers: Chi Cheng’s Raw Deal “I’m not a tech head,” Chi Cheng says with a shrug, explaining why he uses the same setup in the studio as he does onstage with Deftones. And indeed, his sonic arsenal is pretty simple- two 300-watt, all-tube Ampeg SVT 2 […]

“Dimple Records” – May 2003 // Abe Interviewed

Abe Cunningham interviewed by Dimple Records (may 2003) www.deftonesworld.com The ‘tones of the Times With their self-titled fourth album, the Deftones expand the boundaries of heavy rock and notch their personal best in the process. by Brian Baker Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham is chilling at his Sacramento home awaiting a pair of imminent arrivals. His […]

“Revolver” – May 2003 // Deftones Interviewed

“Kerrang” – May 2003 // Chino Interviewed

“LA Weekly” – May 2003 // Chi Cheng Interviewed

Def Jam By Richard Abowitz www.deftonesworld.com ————————————————————————– It is Saturday morning, and Chi Cheng doesn’t feel like working. Or maybe the bass player for the Deftones is just in a playful mood when I call to interview him. “I haven’t seen him,” Cheng says about himself. “I think he’s out wandering around.” After a few […]

“SacBee.com” – May 2003 // Deftones Interviewed

“Worth the wait Sacramento’s Deftones celebrate their fourth CD with a show for hometown fans” By Chris Macias – sacbee.com The Deftones are one of the crown jewels of Sacramento’s music scene, with the band’s three albums collectively selling nearly 3 million copies. Overall, the group’s story is one about homeboys-done-good from Sac Town, but […]

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