CONTEST – Deftones: The Vinyl Collection

Deftones-The Vinyl Collection

You met your wife while listening to “Digital Bath”? Your mom gets mad when you listen to “7 Words”?  Well here’s a chance to win ONE test pressing (rare) of Deftones Vinyl Collection. Warner and DeftonesWorld invites all Sharinglungs members to post your favorite Deftones memory related to a song included in this new box […]

Chino Moreno


Name: Camillo ‘Chino’ Wong Moreno (vocals ang guitar) Birth date: June, 20 1973 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: single Educational Skills: High School (McClatchy High School / Fruitridge Elementary School) Previous Day Job: Tower records shipping department Favorite Bands: Depeche Mode, Faith No More, Duran Duran, The Cure, Bad Brains, Weezer Family: Ex-Wife: Celeste Schroeder […]

Abe Cunningham


Name: Abraham ‘Abe’ Cunningham (drums) Birth date: July, 27 1973 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: Married Educational Skills: High School & Junior College Previous Day Job: Taqueria Family: Wife: Annalynn Seal Children: Sidney & Daniel Cunningham (2003) Cousins: Jackie, Jesse Likes to listen to: Elvis Costello and Willie Nelson Abe Cunningham, on the drums. Tuned and […]

Stef Carpenter


Name: Stephen ‘Stef’ Carpenter (guitar) Birth date: August, 3 1970 Born: Los Angeles, CA Marital Status: Single Educational Skills: Junior High Diploma Previous Day Job: Sacramento fast-food restaurants Family: Mother: Maria Sister: Marci Stef Carpenter, is Deftones guitarist. One of the best in the world. With this guy we can only receive a big dose of […]

Frank Delgado


Name: Frank Delgado (turntables) Birth date: November, 29 1970 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: Married Educational Skills: High School Family: Wife: Stacy Delgado Mother: Florence Father: Frank Sr. Children: Frank will be a father soon… Brothers: Chris, Robert and Robbie ‘Bobby’ Nero Biggest Musical Influence: The Deftones – “I learn a lot from their tastes and […]

Pre-Order Deftones: The Vinyl Collection, 1995-2011 Today!

Deftones: The Vinyl Collection, 1995-2011

Secure your copy of this limited edition vinyl box set, containing the Deftones’ 6 studio albums as well as the limited edition 2011 Record Store Day release Covers. By pre-ordering through the Official Webstore, you will have the opportunity to get your hands on the 1-500 numbered box sets. As an added bonus, 25 randomly […]

Chi Cheng


Name: Chi Ling Dai Cheng (bass) Birth date: July, 15 1970 Born: Sacramento, CA Marital Status: Re-Married Educational Skills: College English Major Previous Day Job: Flower shop Family: Wife: Colleen ex-Wife: Adrienne Cheng Children: Gabriel Kahlil (Sep 1998) Mother: Julie Brother: Ming Cheng Chi Cheng , the bassist of the band. We really don’t listen very […]

“Rocket Skates” – Director’s cut video

“Rocket Skates” – Director’s cut video

Here’s a pretty different version of Deftones video for “Rocket Skates”

DEFTONESWORLD, the new beginning


After several years with an old layout and few updates we’re back to work. First step is to bring all the old content to this new layout. Step two is to bring old Deftones fans to help build a bigger and better DeftonesWorld website. Stay tuned.

DEFTONES Members Talk Gear In New Video Interview

DEFTONES Members Talk Gear In New Video Interview

Vocalist Chino Moreno and bassist Sergio Vega of the DEFTONES recently sat down with Orange artist rep Alex Auxier to discuss their gear, including the Thunderverb 50, AD200B Bass Head, OBC810 speaker cabinet, pedals, and guitars. Check out the clip below. This fall, Reprise Records will release a limited edition vinyl box set from Sacramento, […]

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