Exploring Birdsong cover one of their “favourite songs of all time”, Deftones’ Diamond Eyes

Exploring Birdsong have just unveiled a gorgeous cover of Diamond Eyes.

The trio call the Deftones classic one of their favourite songs of all time”, and explain why they chose to rework it: It really feels like a song that is within the same realm of what we try to do as a band too, which made it in turn feel like a perfect song for us to put our own spin on. 

The weight of the riffs in the original are so crushing, but what we feel really makes this song so special is the chorus, so having the focus of our version be the harmony and melody felt like the most us’ thing to do.”

Check it out below.

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Posted on November 2nd 2023, 3:05p.m.

Text source from: https://www.kerrang.com/exploring-birdsong-cover-one-of-their-favourite-songs-of-all-time-deftones-diamond-eyes