“Rolling Stone” – June, 2000 // Deftones Interviewed

Deftones interviewd by Rolling Stone (June, 2000)

Chino: When we first started out, we were just playing for fun.
We started playing around LA and met Korn. We booked shows with them
and realizes there were a lot of people who liked this kind of music.
At an early show, we closed for a rock-rap outfit like Ice-T’s Body Count.
Everyone left after that band – I think there were ten people still
there for us, basically Korn and their friends. We played a few songs, and
a Maverick guy saw us and they signed us on the spot. It was crazy – it
didn’t kick in for me at all until I went home and quit my job. I was
working at Tower Records’ headquarters, pricing magazines and boxing them
up to be shipped out. I liked that job – it was pretty easy.
At first i wasn’t even singing, because i didn’t know how. I would just rap
over these heavy songs Stephen would make. Nobody was doing that at the time
except Aerosmith and Run DMC. I got tired of it and started getting into
singers like Morrissey, who had nothing to do with the music we were making.

Stef: White Pony is one of the dopest albums of all time.

Chi: I’m in the band, but it’s damn fuckin’ good!

Abe: Bands always want to put their music down, but our music is right there
in the champion zone with some of the others, like Radiohead.

Chino: I’m more into music now, not so much making a song heavy for the
sake of being heavy. Different songs came from entirely different places.
This record has two feelings: One is energy and aggression, the other is real
humble. It’s soft and heavy, so you have to be willing to go with it

Stef: If I had my way, I would tour forever. I would come home once every
two years for, like, six months.

Chino: I like the European festivals. We’ve played after like, Bob Dylan and
before Page and Plant, and the same crowd is there listening to us and getting
into it. I’d love to put a bill together like that in America. I’d play with
anybody. I’d play with ‘N Sync.”

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