“MTV” – July, 2000 // Chino, Stef and Chi Interviewed

Stef, Chino and Chi interviewed by “MTV”
July, 2000


MTV: Ever forget lyrics, or forget which song you guys are
actually playing?

Chino: It’s not that dramatic, no. I don’t think we’ve ever…
Stef: It happens, though. I’ve seen this fool [points to Moreno]
running around, going, “I forgot the words!”

MTV: Are you ever singing one of your own songs, and a fan looks at
you and says, “You’re singing the wrong words?” Or you see them, and
they’re singing the wrong words, and you think you’re singing the wrong words?

Chino: Yeah, that kind of stuff will happen. I’ve seen it. Especially
because I go down at the very end to the front, and I sing sometimes,
and I’ll grab the microphone and hold it up for some of the people to
sing or whatever, and some of the people, they don’t know the words and
they’ll be like, “Aughhh.” Falling into the microphone.

MTV: You had one person from the crowd singing with you on your songs.
Was that off the cuff? Weren’t you worried about somebody just grabbing
you or hitting you or something?

Chino: Nah, at that point, I work out of my own vibe. Just the energy.
That’s why I end up doing dumb things, too. I end up going out into the
crowd, and people, they were, like, pulling down my pants.

MTV: Will your wife get jealous?

Chino: Nah, she don’t mind. She will, but…

MTV: You pretend to enjoy it. [Everyone laughs] Chino, you need to get a belt.
Your pants fell off a million times. How many times did you have to pull
your pants up?

Chino: These are Gucci right here, so they don’t have belt loops.

MTV: Do you guys get worried when Chino dives out into the crowd, and you’re
going, “Uh-oh, he’s not coming back up?” Do you ever think about that? “What
are we going to do for the next hour?” Especially like tonight, when he jumps
out after the second song.

Chino: I get scared when I don’t think I’m coming back up. If I get out there,
sometimes, if the crowd will collapse, and I’ll be going down, I’ll just like,
my life will be flashing in front of my eyes. “Yo, this is it. I’m suffocating.
” I’m claustrophobic, too, so I just start tripping.

Stef: You know what, though? Like, you ask about him and worry about him, and
I never trip on it, because he’s been doing it for so long, for so many years,
long before I’ve ever seen anybody jump out into the crowd. The kids, they
don’t just expect it, but they actually like it when he comes out there.
It’s just another part of how we interact, when he’s out there. They’re not
going to let him get hurt, they’re not trying to hurt him. They’re like,
“Yeah, man, keep doing it.” You know, “Don’t stop.”

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