“Kerrang!” – July, 2000 // Chino Interviewed

Chino Moreno interviwed by “KERRANG!”
July, 2000


Roadrunner has confirmed the guests on the upcoming Soulfly album
“Primitive” which the band is currently recording in Mesa Arizona
with producer Toby Wright, so far confirmed to appear on the album
are Chino Moreno of the Deftones and Grady Avenell of Will Haven on
“Pain” track. The band hopes to have the album out in August through
Roadrunner. About this special appearance Chino had this to say:

Chino: its a pretty typical Soulfly song. Max comes up with the song
title and subject matter, so I just go in and do my bit. He and Grady
are good friends of mine, so it was a lot of fun to work with them.
The only thing was, by the time I got round to doing it, I was so burnt
out from four months of recording our album. I just heard it the other
day and I dig it. Its straight-forward, heavy and tribal.
I think guesting on albums is cool. For me it’s always fun to do because
I enjoy working with those people. I’ve been working with the people in
my band for the last ten years, so it’s always good to work with other
people – you kind of get a whole different perspective on your music and
what you do individually. It’s a learning experience. Doing the Soulfly
thing was cool, Max Cavalera is a good friend of mine. I know there is a
lot of guest stuff going on at the moment, so maybe I should just sit back
and do my own thing. But it’s hard to say no to Max because he’s a good person.

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