“Igetconnected” – January 2005 // Chi and Frank Interviewed

DEFTONES Interviewd bt igetconnected January 2005 The music of the Deftones appeals to many tribes: metalheads, rock fans, and indie geeks alike. We hired a spy to follow them in the studio to film them recording their new album, but the clever group spotted our operative’s hidden camera. Luckily, they agreed to embrace technology and […]

“Rolling Stone” – January 2005 // Abe Interviewed

  ROLLING STONE – January 2005 Deftones Go Upside Down California rockers exploring new sounds with Ezrin To break down musical walls, the Deftones have joined forces with the man who helped build the most famous one of all. And Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham says working with legendary producer Bob Ezrin — whose credit list […]