“Exotic Magazine” – July 2001 // Chi Interviewed

Chi Cheng interviewed by Exotic Magazine, July 2001 – www.deftonesworld.com – ********** The Deftones sneak up on you. A lot of bands lure you into the 8-bars-of-quiet followed by 8-bars-of-Cookie-Monster-metal trap, but this Sacramento-based quintet doesn’t care if you have a short attention span for their free-form dynamics. Within songs like “Pink Maggit” and “Passenger” […]

“Zeromag dot net” – April 2001 // Stef Interviewed

“The Deftones Say….Shut Up, You Don’t Know Me” Stephen Carpenter interviewed by Jason Pepe (Zeromag dot net 2000) www.deftonesworld.com ——————— A lot has happened to the Deftones over the last decade. For years, the band played Northern California’s club circuit along side Sinister Sam, Seed, Salmon and Disorderly Conduct. Their sound was considered unique, refreshing […]

“guitar.com” – May 2001 // Stef Interviewed

Stef Carpenter interviewd by Guitar.com May, 2001 www.deftonesworld.com ———————- ———————- Guitar.com caught up with guitarist Stephen Carpenter backstage at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago to talk about his band’s sudden success, the state of the pop charts, and of course, guitar playing. Carpenter also shared some playing tips with us in the two accompanying video […]

“Line6.com” – March 2001 // Stef Interviewed

Stef Carpenter interviewed by LINE6.COM HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT LINE 6? Dino from Fear Factory. He was getting great sounds out of his Line 6 rig, and he told me about Line 6. HOW ARE YOU USING LINE 6 PRODUCTS? I use Line 6 gear in my home studio and in my live […]

“Linea 6” – 2001 // Stef Interviewed

Stef Interviewed by LINEA6 ————————— www.deftonesworld.com WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO NOW? (back in 2000) I listen to a lot of things, but lately I’ve mainly been listening to a lot of Claw Finger, At the Drive-In, Meshuggah and Drunk With Power. FAVORITE SONGS? That’s a tough one because that’s an endless list for me! […]

“Short Bus” – 2001 // Chi Interviewed

Chi Cheng of the Deftones By: John Farmer from www.shortbusmag.com The omens weren’t good ones. My tape recorder was on the fritz, my bank account was over drawn $200 and I was late about a half hour. I would have to take down all the quotes by hand, throwing a wrench in the hope of […]