“www.deftones.com” – May, 2000 // Chino Thoughts

Chino Moreno finally talked about every track on the White Pony, here's 
what Chino have to say about each Pony track:

1. Feiticeira - "An old type of deftones song, with really cool rhythms 
and heavy soft dynamics. Its named after a Brazilian female, but its 
lyrically about a kidnapping scenario. It details a few hours of being 
held captive. There's a lot of dialogue in there that was fun to write"

2. Digital Bath - "Abe and I wrote this one, and I play guitar on it. 
its real celestial sounding with intimate singing. there's a big story 
behind it. Most of the songs on this album are about different situations"

3. Elite - "Probably the hardest song we have ever written. its really 
straight forward and doesn't have typical deftones dynamics. its 
just heavy. I use a vocoder which gave my voice a demonic robot effect"

4. RX Queen - "The most futuristic sounding song. Abe and I created 
the drum loop - its a crazy, bionic rhythm. I wrote a seedy guitar 
line over it, and worked with Scott Weiland (stone temple pilots) 
on the vocals for the bridge. he came up with a really cool harmony 
for me to sing"

5. Street Carp - "A classic deftones song, with a rolling riff and some 
really interesting chords in the chorus. the vocals are kinda crazy - 
I'm singing out loud over the top of the music, like (the smiths front man) 
Morrissey or something, a cool contrast"

6. Teenager - "This was originally a team sleep song. its acoustic and 
electric, with pink floydy keyboards. kinda trancey. lyrically, its a 
teenage love story, which sounds pretty goofy, but its actually alright"

7. Knife Prty - "the record company wanted this to be the first single, 
but I battled them because it was a little to weird. its a seductive song 
with a lot of violent imagery. people don't tend to like sex mixed with 
violence. The mid section has amazing vocals from a girl called Rodleen 
who worked next door tour studio"

8. Korea - "The first song we wrote for the record. we played it live on 
the us ozzfest. real heavy and bouncy"

9. Passenger - "This is the one with Maynard. its about being a passenger 
on a cry journey - we have a lot of car songs! Maynard and I trade off in 
the verses. its a lot like a tool song, where it goes through different 
phases. me and Maynard have been friends for a while"

10. Change - "that's the first single we are putting out in America. 
its not mellow but very washy. its a bit like be quiet and drive. 
I play guitar on that one too. its a beautiful metamorphis"

11. Pink Maggit - "It starts off really spacey and freaky with just guitars, 
vocals and turntables. then it turns into just me, and ends up a triumphant 
anthem about being on top of the world and feeling like the coolest kid 
in school"
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