“MTV Europe” – July, 2000 // Chino and Chi Interviewed

Chino and Chi interviewed by "MTV Europe"
July, 2000


- It's Summer...sunbaths, lots of time to rest and relax...

Chi: We don't really take much time off. It's like when we are 
not touring we are writing. I don't think anyone takes vacations or 
anything like that, we just work constantly...

Chino: We tour most of the time, but the last year... I mean we 
basically stand makin' the record. We took a long time makin' the record.

- Change (in the house of flies)... 

Chino: We were just jamming and we start playing that song, and 
everybody started to join in. In half an hour we had a song... The 
rhythm is just how our song is supposed to be written.

- Deftones on today's music scene... 

Chi: We are not the biggest band out there, but the reason why this kind 
of music is so popular is that we've been paving the way for 11 years. 
We've always tried to stay a little ahead of the pack rather than be part 
of the pack, and we've done everything we could to segregate ourselves 
from being a part of any kind of scenes. We've been around for such a 
long time and we still haven't reach much of...success as supposed as 
appears. So for us that have been around for 11 years and built it up the 
hard way and done it the right way, we feel that our only obligation is 
to write music we feel good about and have the faith that our fans trust us, 
and I think they do...

Chino: I think our dynamics have always been the best trade of the band.
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