“Guitar One” – June, 2000 // Stef Interviewed

Stef Carpenter interviewed by "Guitar One" magazine
June, 2000


Chino's voice is much better on "White Pony":

Stef: Chino's been able to sing like that since the day he got in 
the band; he's just never really believed in himself enough to do 
it. When it comes to writing songs for our band, everything I write 
is based on the fact that I know he can sing. So as a guitar player 
I'm not trying to say, "Check me out! I'm the guitar player." I write 
riffs that I know he can sing over, and that's really how we write songs.
We all write music, based around riffs and little ideas here and there, 
so he can do his part. Everyone listens to vocals and pays attention to 
the singer, so, knowing that, we should make that part the best that it 
can be.

Stef and Chino relationship:

Stef: We shoot each other down left and right. That's all we do. That's 
like our band pleasure--brutalizing each other. We often verbally assault 
each other, but not in a hateful way, just to keep each other in line. 
And it was mainly me and Chino throwing down, because he and I are absolute 
opposites when it comes to music. He thinks a lot of stuff's really cheesy, 
and a lot of stuff he thinks is cheesy I really like, and vice versa. 
Stuff that he really loves, I'm like, "Man, that sucks!" 
So when we were writing, we said things like, "No, I don't really like 
that. I'm not gonna play it." There are at least three songs on our record 
that I didn't wanna play. But it wasn't because I hated the song. I was just
 thinking, "You're not accommodating what I wanna do, so why should I 
accommodate what you wanna do?" And that's the way it was from day one. 

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