Chi’s son, Gabriel, performs live with the Deftones

Deftones invited Gabriel Cheng, Chi’s son, to perform “Root” live at the Warfield in San Francisco. ‘Gabe’ is following is father’s tastes, bass and poetry, and as you can see he’s turning into a pro-bass player…

  • Emmanuel M




  • Defbri13

    Wow…….. As a loyal Deftones fan for the past 16 years, this brought tears to my eyes!!

  • Camilo Olarte

    HELL YEAH! Make him the official Bassist for Deftones! He would be perfect in every way! After Koi No Yokan touring he could join, tour a bit and work on the next album! That would be epic!

  • lux

    I’m sure he does amazing, just like his father. ^__^
    Root is a pretty badass song yo !

  • Kalistis

    I literally started crying…. I wish I could have been there!

  • yo

    that is really just the epitome of epicness.

  • Jeff Wro

    Great video, thanks

  • ryan

    wish i was there!!!!!!!! please come back to new york!!!!!!

  • J

    This is AWESOME!

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