Defgame ends with ‘Elite’


For the ones that didn’t reach the end of the pac-man style game that came with the “White Pony” enhanced cd, I tell you if you end the game you can hear an extra track, that is “Elite”, played on a Deftones’ rehearsal. It’s not like the movie that came with the cd, but it […]

Frozen ‘Tones


It was a frozen day. In the middle of the “Around the fur” European Tour the band faced a setback when their bus broke down on the way to Stockholm (Sweden) leaving the group stranded in sub-zero temperatures until the bus was repaired. This happened just a few days after the Deftones tour van been […]

Deftones ‘lost’ tapes

deftones defset x2 vhs back cover

As so many bands out there, the Deftones are no exception. They’ve been robbed several times. Once was on the “Around the fur” European Tour while the band was playing a gig in Berlin (Germany), thieves pillaged the group’s tour van making off with camera equipment and CDs. The most valuable were video tapes containing […]

Chino caught in the act


This story was told by Chino’s mom and it happened when he was a young teenager…it starts like this; One evening Chino grabbed his skate and went straight to his girlfriend house. When he reached her house he climbed to her bedroom window and asked her: “Well, can I come up?” and she leaned out […]

Abe wasn’t the first drummer


Abe Cunningham wasn’t the first Deftones drummer. John Taylor (photo) was the drummer before Abe. John stayed with the band a couple of months before Abe definitively agreed to be the drummer. Then John left Deftones and went to a band called Prayer Wheel.

Cavalera and Durst wearing Deftones’ shirt


Max Cavalera formerly Sepultura’s vocalist, was wearing a Deftones t-shirt on Sepultura’s video “Roots Bloody Roots”. It was a red t-shirt and it appeared a lot during the video, that t-shirt contained this Deftones logo: Max seems to be a defanatic too. He also invited Chino to trade lines with him on “First Commandment”, from […]

“Deftones” Enhanced CD secrets


After you watch all the videos and all the flowers are colored (either red or blue), click on the right eye of the skull before you exit and you’ll see a video titled “Stef cuts Chino’s guitar strings”. Then before you exit when the little box pops up, showing all the credits, click on the […]

“Deftones” Connections


– Moana: Moana is the Maori (New Zealand native) word for the sea. Pronounced Mo-a-na, maw-a-na. – Minerva: Minerva was the multi-talented Roman goddess of wisdom, poetry, music, medicine, arts and crafts (especially wool) , dyeing, science, commerce, and war. More generally she was the patroness of intellect and learning, especially academics. – Hexagram: An […]

Resemblances between Chino and Morrissey’s lyrics (The Smiths)


FEITICEIRA – Deftones and THAT JOKE ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE -The Smiths “I don’t want a lover, I just want to be tied to the back of your car” – (I’ve got everything now- The Smiths) “And just before I come to, Move to the back of the car .. First untie me Untie me for […]

DeftonesWorld “Hexagram” Poster


Once in a while I get some nice surprises that give me the strenght to go and keep this site alive… this is one of those surprises. I got an email some days ago with a pic, with someone holding a poster saying “Deftones World rulez”. I was happy with that, but I was blown […]

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