1. My Own Summer (shove it)

Hey you, big star, tell me when it’s over (cloud) Hey you, big mood, guide me to shelter ‘Cause I’m through, when the two hits the six and it’s summer Cloud…come Shove it (3x) Shove Shove it (3x) The sun Shove it (3x) Aside Shove it aside I think god is moving his tongue There’s […]

2. Lhabia

Somewhere outside, there are tricks and evil Holler, downstairs while I drive It was nice to meet you buttercup When I need you, when I want you You take me there, do do not do the same While you sew me, while I got you Buttercup sent me to kill Staline again Well I saw […]

3. Mascara

I feel soon I will sink into you What do you think? ‘Cause there’s still blood In your hair I’ve got the bruise… Of the year But there’s something about her Long shady eyes I’m all about her Shade tonight I hate Your tattoos You’ve weak wrists But I’ll keep you ‘Cause is something about […]

4. Around The Fur

Hey vanity, This vial is empty So are you Hey glamorous, This vial is not God any more Yeah! Speak… I don’t get it Should I ignore your fashion Or go buy the book I don’t want it I just want your eyes fixated on me Come back I’m coming back around the fur Prostitute, […]

5. Rickets

It’s so simple to look at every little thing I do wrong It’s so simple to overlook every little thing I do right, right I think too much I feed too much I’m gone too much I skate too much I starve too much I’m gone too much I gave too much I’m way too […]

6. Be Quiet And Drive (far away)

This town, don’t feel mine I’m fast to, get away Far! I dressed you, in her clothes So drive me, far… Away, away, away It feels good, to know your all mine Now drive me, Far… Away, away, away Far… away And I don’t care where just, Far – away (3x) And I don’t care […]

7. Lotion

I meant! Suck’em… To come back to put out bliss But the style is crumbling covered canned It was sick and now you don’t even know how It comes shifts then gets ruined by you fucking slobs But it’s classical anyways I can’t! Help it, makes me so sick over and over It sits stiff […]

8. Dai The Flu

I…Always wonder, what it takes Fifteen stitches, and a soft parody To make my eyes, be like deceit Believe the sting, proves heart to me Now I know that you, love me Thank God that you, love at all Dislocated at the joint Timing is everything, in the bed She’ll sleep for hours, to keep […]

9. Headup

Got back out, back off the forefront Never said or got to say bye to my boy But it’s often I try I think about How I’d be screaming and the times Would be bumping All minds, Would be so, Would be so, Would be Taking care of shit, that I can’t help it That […]

10. Mx

You’re so sweet, Your smile Your pussy, And your bones You’re on fire, You move me Like music, With your style Let me think (Think about what?) About girls (And what else) And money, And new clothes (And what do I get?) Thirty nights (han-han) of violence (yeah) And sugar, to love Come here…come here… […]

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