11. Change (in the house of flies)

  BAND: Deftones ALBUM: White Pony SONG: CHANGE (in the house of flies) Tuning: Drop D then down a step This song is played with two guitars but you can get away with playing it with just one. Might be a couple of errors here (this is my first tab) but is much more accurate […]

12. Pink Maggit

  BAND: Deftones ALBUM: White Pony SONG: PINK MAGGIT Author: Entilzha Tuning: Dropped D and one step down D|—————-|———–|———————————- A|—————-|———–|———————————- F|—-3———7-|-5h78-7-5-4|—–3—————————- C|—3–/-10—5–|———–|———————————- G|–1–/-8—-5—|———–|—1—————————— C|——0——–|———–|–1——————————- Interlude Occurs Once Chorus – Listen for Rhythm D|————————————————————- A|————————————————————- F|-10–10–7—7———————————————– C|-8—0—5—4———————————————– G|-8—0—5—4———————————————– C|-8—0—5—4———————————————–

13. The Boy’s Republic [limited editions only]

  BAND: Deftones ALBUM: White Pony SONG: The Boys Republic Intro D|———————————–| A|———————————–| F|———————————–| C|–0-0-0—12-12-12—5-5-5-/-9-9-9-| G|–0-0-0—12-12-12—5-5-5-/-9-9-9-| C|–0-0-0—12-12-12—5-5-5-/-9-9-9-| Verse Rthym 1 …Blue star shine your light,down!… D|————————————| A|————————————| F|————————————| C|—-0-0-0—-12-12-12—-5-5-5——| G|—-0-0-0—-12-12-12—-5-5-5——| C|—-0-0-0—-12-12-12—-5-5-5——| Rthym 1 (variation) D|————————————| A|————————–7–7——| F|————————–7–7——| C|–0-0-0—12-12-12—5-5-5–5——-| G|–0-0-0—12-12-12—5-5-5–5——-| C|–0-0-0—12-12-12—5-5-5–5——-| Rthym 3 …on everyone cause i don’t care… D|———————————| A|–5-5—-5-5—-5-5————–| F|–5-5—-5-5—-5-5————–| C|-3——3——3—–3-0-0-0—–| G|-3——3——3—–3-0-0-0—–| C|-3——3——3—–3-0-0-0—–| Part […]

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