On almost all old Deftones shows and pics, Chino just holds his mic. But later like after he cut his hair he winds the wire of the mic around his hands and fingers. First I thought it was because he doesn’t want to lose his mic when he dives into the crowd, but I’ve also watched shows that he doesn’t dive so I think it’s just because he feels more comfortable that way or something like that. Another difference from the “new Chino” and the “old Chino” is his behavior on stage. Nowadays he stands a lot on the inner speakers and he doesn’t dive that much, he just climbs the crowd fence and stands there singing with the fans. (also thanks to Sly)

Additional info: With some Mics you can get some nasty sounds (clicking & popping) from the cord right at the base of mic moving around. If you take up a bit of the slack and isolate it (ie wrap it around your arm like Chino does) it’ll eliminate those clicks and pops. (thanks to Kieran)